Getting Gubbed Rant

Talk to us here if you have had accounts closed or had unfair restrictions placed upon your account.
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Getting Gubbed Rant

Post by bluelionman » Mon Feb 10, 2020 9:29 am

Sky Bet after banning me from Free Bets and Bet Club in November after withdrawing a big chunk of my balance in protest today right away in live chat not 10 mins later told me I'm also limited in my sports stakes now to, also can't do money back specials plus no longer allowed Best Odds Guaranteed.

Why don't they just close my account (probably some law against it) but I'd rather that than this which instead sours the relationship by making me feel so unwelcome that I guess they hope I just go. There not the first bookie to do this to me - Betway and Coral have before them and using exactly the same sly methods used to make me feel like I done something wrong or such.

Just tell me straight up I'm not or no longer profitable to your bottom line and therefor your closing my account. I'd much prefer honesty than the needle. It also infuriates me to see the adverts the industry put out there as they are BS as they don't really want smart, savvy, value betters not even recreational ones - all they want are addicts, chasers and bettors that don't care what the odds are - they want serial losers which will bet their favourite teams regardless of form or odds on offer and who will drop loads in the slots or casino arms - they will make the worst bettors (aka biggest losers) VIP's and shower them with free bets and the bigger fish (whales) with days out at top sports events. If you get this treatment it means you have lost thousands to them that is all.

The sports books software that can identify a value punter, winner, arber or unprofitable punter after just a few bets could easily identify a bad bettor, stake chaser and problem gambler but its not in their favour to do so... they want to squeeze as much out of those people until they are forced to stop by intervention of either the authorities, bad publicity or said gamblers death - often suicide.

Sooner the Government wises up and introduces better laws with a body that has teeth and is independent of the industry the better for both types of bettors it will be. As right now it's rigged in favour of the industry and the gambling commission is about as much use as a chocolate fireguard!

It's most likely many MP's either have shares in said gambling firms or get heavy campaign contributions or days out on the bookies dime to leave the status quo as is.
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Re: Getting Gubbed Rant

Post by mick » Mon Feb 10, 2020 10:32 am

Good post Bluelionman and many readers myself inc will have experienced the same vile treatment, Re account closure by punitive restriction imo this is just a dishonest ploy so that on the rare occasions the media asks the Bookmaker can "honestly" respond with "we do not close winning customers accounts", omitting to add that many of said customers will be limited to pennies at the price.!

I feel particular sympathy for customers who have lost money sometimes for years with the bookmaker concerned but after a small purple patch which makes no dent in the long term loss or a few bets which beat the SP are then subjected to the same treatment. These practices are on the increase but thanks to the good work done by J4P and others then the public awareness is also increasing.

I do wonder if the large firm bookmakers are now experiencing problems in replacing those they cull with those they want, and many possible newbies reading of this might well conclude " If i will not be allowed to win then what is the point in trying".? As indirectly it is punters money which keeps the whole Racing show on the road it is possible that eventually some of the self serving and privileged you mention will take note and action.........i just hope it will not be a case of to little to late.!

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Re: Getting Gubbed Rant

Post by Jimmy Justice » Tue Feb 11, 2020 9:34 am

Two great posts - thanks.


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