Betfair exchange refuse to void bet

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Betfair exchange refuse to void bet

Post by bicc255 » Sat Dec 14, 2019 11:41 am

I have been a betfair customer for years without any problems until recently.
Betfair exchange customers should know that Betfair do not not necessarily refund or void
bets were a goal has been disallowed in a football game. I Recently bet on a football game the score was
score was 2-2 at the time .it was about 10 minutes before the end of the game a goal was scored making
the score 2-3. Betfair suspended the betting which is usual.
a short while later Betfair unsuspended the betting,
I laid the draw the odds were 4.2 the bet was matched, within 60 Seconds the goal was
disallowed betting wasn't suspended this time, just in an instant the odds went back to were they were before
I put the bet on which was around and 1.17 giving me an instant loss over £150.
I thought the bet would be void but as I later found out
From customer services Betfair do not void bets unless VAR is being used on the game.
I thought this was completely unfair, I can only bet on the displayed odds.
I since found out that VAR was actually in use on that particular game.
A video of the high lights had been posted on youtube. it clearly shows the referee using
VAR and signalling to the crowd to tell them a Var decision was being made.
I contacted Betfair customer services and sent them a link to the video.
unbelievably betfair said that I was correct VAR was in use in that game.
But VAR wasn't used in that particular decision it was ruled off side by a lines man.
so betfair will not refund your bets if a football game doesn't use VAR,
they will not refund your bets if a goal is disallowed by a referee or linesman and VAR is not used.
this is a disgrace and they should be letting there customers know this.
I did ask Betfair why dont you wait for official conformation of a goal either
way before unsuspending a game that would solve the problem.
I was told it would lead to longer market suspensions,
which is one of the biggest complaints made by customers.
so Betfair do not wait to get official conformation of a goal.
this sounds like a scam to me.
is this even legal?

Jimmy Justice
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Re: Betfair exchange refuse to void bet

Post by Jimmy Justice » Mon Dec 16, 2019 9:35 am


Thanks for your post.

I seem to remember that I've replied to exactly the same post a few days ago? Copy and paste here:

I do think you pointed out the obvious answer, which is to suspend the market for an appropriate time, but as you point out Betfair say they don't like longer suspensions has it has a potential to reduce time to place bets and therefore their profits (not quite their wording - ha).

I doubt there is anything you can do about your bet and their T&Cs will cover them and in our experience Betfair rarely, if ever change their decisions.

Thank you for pointing this issue out as it outlines the perils of trading in-play, which are many.


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