GDPR breaches

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GDPR breaches

Post by WonkyJonky » Mon Nov 04, 2019 10:21 am

Having been restricted by four bookmakers within an hour of each other it is blindingly obvious that they talk to each other and it is also clear this is a breach of privacy laws.

I have been drawn to this platform following a recent slew of account restrictions, each seemingly occurring because I have the audacity to not always lose, Bet365 recently applied heavy restrictions immediately after I gained heavily from a Best Price Guarantee, something I had no control over.

Anyway, I note from your forum that the regulators have so far remained unsupportive of attempts of punters to be forgotten as is clearly their right under GDPR laws, or even obtain all data held on them under an SAR, and it is becoming clear that court actions are now the only way this will be solved. 

The betting industries irregularities are as big a scandal as bank miss-sellings and may well be the next major financial scandal, but nothing will happen until courts are involved.

It strikes me that was is need is a crowdfunded court case on the matter - given the wealth of traders and matched bettors that would stand to gain by the right to be forgotten there should be a bountiful source of contributors.

Has such a move been considered?

Until we, as a community, take the steps of legal action I fear we'll never stop being the victims of the racket.

Jimmy Justice
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Re: GDPR breaches

Post by Jimmy Justice » Tue Nov 05, 2019 9:24 am

Thank you for this excellent post that summarises the present picture well.

In Ireland I'm told that PPBF has settled out of court with some customers for breaches of GDPR. However, their Information Commissioner has been much more vocal than ours, so PPBF knew they were on a 'loser'.

In theory in the UK gambling companies are also on a 'loser', but people need to recognise that it will be expensive and any compensation is unlikely to cover the legal costs unless a judge makes the company pay the costs.

I've pointed out on here often that I have no spare hours in the week left to lead something like this, but I'm more than willing to support someone or some people using our contacts, processes, etc.

All the best,


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