About to Win £100,000 Acca When Account is Closed!

Talk to us here if you have had accounts closed or had unfair restrictions placed upon your account.
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About to Win £100,000 Acca When Account is Closed!

Post by Hotspur » Thu Jul 04, 2019 12:14 pm

First may I say what a fantastic forum this is. Was up all night reading it . And it’s almost worth losing out on £100,000 to have discovered it ,ha.
Will spend the rest of my life telling people about it.
I have a story that I think very interesting and involves a few aspects of the things people on here are complaining of but rather than give the whole story unnecessarily I’d like to ask a question please in the first instance.
So my account with a major bookie was excluded -their word . I now cannot access it it seems.
But the reason given is that I’m a problem gambler and the implication seems to be either that it’s for my own good and/or that they are following Gambling Commission guidelines.
The problem is that I have a 60% chance of landing a £100,000 acca -if Malmo wins the Swedish league -and /or a 65% chance of £50,000 if Dundalk and Shelbourne win the Irish leagues.
And obviously I’m now worried that I’m going to not be payed out should they win.
I’ve tried phoning to ask but cannot get through to the dept that was dealing with my account only a telephonist.
They say I will be paid out but I think they’re probably lying and not knowing is causing me a lot of anguish etc.
The main reason I think they’re lying -apart from reading on here that they lie all the time ,ha -is that all this started when I won another acca * and then they asked me to prove how I’ve been funding my account . Proving how I’ve been funding my account is especially difficult for me as I suffer from a chronic debilitating illness that prevents me from working but I don’t claim benefits as I have more than £16,000 savings .
The last job I had I had to give up to care for my mother who had Alzheimer’s and I’ve been through hell over the last decade or so and that too was a contributory factor to the whole story.
So anyway I’ve yet to comply with proving where my funds came from.Or other forms of compliance they asked for although they aren’t a problem.
In fact to my great horror when I asked my bank for a statement from 2012 when I inherited some money from the sale of my mothers house minus the carehome fees so not that big an amount they said they couldn’t see it !!
Big big problem . We think it must have gone into a now defunct savings account. But curiously I can’t even see transfers into my current account from any savings account in 2013 which is as far back as I can check online.
So Id struggle to prove to the government how I get by let alone a bookie .
Well I can prove that someone called Mr Patel is living in the house I grew up in I suppose but I don’t think a letter from him would do ?
Anyway ,the question :
Since my account was excluded due to me apparently being a problem gambler and possibly even suicidal -I’m not -would it not be a terrible thing to do to deny someone who they think may be a problem gambler a big win for his own good ?
I don’t think that was the Gambling Commissions intention .
But on the other hand I’m very confident I would be able to show very good evidence that I’m no problem gambler if this came down to a court case.
* I do a lot of accas on outright markets and in fact I think it’s a great pity more punters don’t bet this way as ,ironically enough,I really believe they are far less likely to cause problem gambling or addiction.
Thanks fir reading this.

Jimmy Justice
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Re: About to Win £100,000 Acca When Account is Closed!

Post by Jimmy Justice » Fri Jul 05, 2019 8:17 am


Thank you for your really interesting post.

I have to take at face-value what you say, so what follows is based on that and nothing else, because I don't have the bookmaker's side of the story.

My understanding is that following a self-exclusion or action like you're outlining by a company means that unsettled bets do stand. However, I do share your concerns. I would not trust any bookmakers anymore.

What you need to do is ring the Gambling Commission 0121 230 6666 and ask for their opinion. If it supports our observation you need their answer in writing (this is crucial). Thier email address is: info@gamblingcommission.gov.uk

You also need to get an answer in writing from senior management at the company.

Regarding source of funds to gamble is more complex. From what you explain this might be difficult, but you are allowed to use other gambling wins as a source of income to gamble. Unless the bookmaker can prove fault on your part, e.g. someone else funding your gambling; they will have to pay you any winnings anyway.

I hope this helps?

You need to start obtaining the written replies asap.


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Re: About to Win £100,000 Acca When Account is Closed!

Post by Hotspur » Fri Jul 05, 2019 4:25 pm

Thanks a lot. Really appreciate that. Will do.
Everything I’ve said is 100% true .
However ,to be fair to the bookie, I made a rod for my own back to some extent and accidentally provided them with reason to believe I may be a problem gambler.
I stress the word accidentally.
You can probably stop reading there.
Because I tend to go on a bit...😕
What it comes down to-as I see it-is whether I am in fact a problem gambler or whether I am someone who was merely utterly exasperated and frustrated at having to prove how I have been funding my account having been told by my bank they can’t even find my inheritance money as well as someone who was already dealing with serious issues that have nothing to do with gambling. And I say categorically it’s the latter.
You say that I may be able to show gambling winnings to show where my funds come from.
It’s a great pity I did not know about this forum before I got involved with the bookie over this or else this would never have happened.
Because apart from other things I could have asked you what I asked the bookie.
If I was to show a bet or two that won a significant amount from another bookie a few years ago how is that evidence as to how I’m funding my account unless I also showed all my bets with all bookies from a few years ago up til now . Something I can’t do because I’m banned from a few.
I mean to say that if I was a money launderer (or merely someone who is a losing bettor) that’s exactly what I’d be hoping for isn’t it ?
I mean a money launderer betting lots and lots of accas on outright markets and winning the odd one or two would be hoping that he’d just need to show the one or two winners to a bookie asking him for evidence of him not being a money launderer.
Maybe you will say money launderers wouldn’t use accas on outright markets to launder money.
Well I say that if I was a money launderer that’s exactly how I would do it and long term accas are a very misunderstood area of betting (I would humbly suggest ).
Then there’s the question of how far back I’d need to go.
I have had an account with them since 2006 .
And even with the acca win I’m well down with them . We are talking an average £15,000 a year since 2006. So I’d have to show bets winning what?
£200,000 for my losses from 2006, £260,000 living expenses including rent etc . (I live in an expensive area.) The money I’ve laid out in bets for next season . The money I used to land these accas I’m writing about . Have I missed anything out ?
So ,yeah, in order for me to comply with the bookies’ wishes as they’ve worded it I’d need to show winning bets totalling about £550,000.
Although you can take £120,000 off that if I manage to find proof of my inheritance.
So £430,000 in winnings .
But here’s the thing.
I have actually had returns of that magnitude and could should such winnings .
But of course ,as I’ve said ,such high winnings imply high losses too .
So really I reckon I’d have to show at least £800,000 in winnings .
Whereupon I’d expect the bookie to close my account as they may think I’m a winning punter after all and not the massive loser they think I am.
I’m sorry to go on it’s just that I think this whole thing is a complete joke if you’re allowed to show gambling winnings as proof of funding your account while if, in fact, I am or ever was a problem gambler the time to pull me up isn’t when I’m winning but when I’m losing.

Thanks again for replying . The fact that at least I know that my experience will be on this forum makes a real difference even if not many ever see it .
Incidentally,I may be amenable to a compromise whereby some or all of any winnings from the two bets I mentioned go to charity.
It seems to me that in the circumstances either a gambling addiction charity or an carers charity would be most appropriate.

Jimmy Justice
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Re: About to Win £100,000 Acca When Account is Closed!

Post by Jimmy Justice » Sat Jul 06, 2019 10:09 am

Thanks. You can now post without waiting for approval.

I can feel your frustrations in your text. Bookmakers sometimes use sensible codes and conditions for their commercial gain, which may be the case here?

Like I've stated you should get paid, if and when relevant.

Thanks for sharing everything.


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