Paddy Power Footy Timed Markets

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Paddy Power Footy Timed Markets

Post by FPJ5791 » Mon Jul 01, 2019 7:46 pm

This one has happened to me twice now. First time they corrected, most recently they refuse to accept and hence will never see another penny from me.

When watching the World Cup (women) they offer timed events such as What Will Happen 41.00 to 41.59 in this case. Could see the match getting a bit rough so I put on a massive £3 bet at 7/5. Low and behold at 41.58 the whistle went and the ref gave a foul.

Unless that is you are Paddy Power in which case the foul was given at 42.02 following their review! They first tried to fob me off saying they had "scouts at matches" :) Like its not a third party data supply!!

Anyway I complained and they said they stand by the settlement as a loss and wont change. They said that BBC was delayed and that the free kick in reality was 42.02. This is nonsense as the delay is live vs TV stream, not delay in seconds elapsed in the game. They however refuse to accept even the screen grab I took as evidence!

Previously in an early round match I have the same bet type but for a throw in. Clearly awarded 38 seconds in but they added a minute later!

I imagine this will have happened to quite a lot of people over time if they can change events as they see fit
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Re: Paddy Power Footy Timed Markets

Post by Jimmy Justice » Tue Jul 02, 2019 9:06 am

Thank you for your post.

This is an issue with most of the companies and they usually state in their terms and conditions whose timings they adhere to (use). I would check this first and see if there is any public information available from whoever that is.

I agree that it is unlikely that they will have their own staff at matches these days, but not impossible.

I hope this helps?


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