A Good Bookmaker

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A Good Bookmaker

Post by mick » Sat May 18, 2019 6:27 am

I have spent close to 50yrs risking my wedge with Bookmakers and i have never before known a time when trust between backer and layer was so poor. There will always be a few dishonest punters who will try it on but not so for the majority who increasingly get treated with contempt. Frequent covert changes to T&Cs OTT use of verification requirements to delay withdrawals, and the constant threat of fast and punitive bet restriction for those who hit a purple patch.

I do wonder when or where it will end.? While its true that some smaller bookmakers have gone skint in the past i suspect this was most often down to them not knowing the business and any current ones who do and are prepared to stand up and say we are going to reverse all of the above would attract additional custom and on balance profit from this. Where are you ? please do advise because you can have my money, and win or lose also my respect.

It is a fact that 98% of horse racing punters will make no long term profit so there should be room for those who do and those who appear that they might. In the past plenty of those who have also ended up losing back the lot and for some plenty more on top. I read that when BF implemented the PC that some described it as killing the dream and as the word spreads Re current Bookmaker practices the conclusion will be reached by the next generation of punters that the dream is already dead so what will be the point in chasing it.!

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Re: A Good Bookmaker

Post by Jimmy Justice » Sat May 18, 2019 8:58 am

So true!!


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