William Hill--Suspended poker account and 'investigation' into why poker side games were not blocked. 1 month no actio.

There is a lot of PR surrounding the issue of problem gambling, but does reality really live up to the hype. Discuss your experiences here, e.g. self exclusion failures.
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William Hill--Suspended poker account and 'investigation' into why poker side games were not blocked. 1 month no actio.

Post by torbayslim » Thu Mar 21, 2019 9:22 am


I've had a WH account for years. Blocked the casino access a long time ago as I have a problem with blackjack and wanted no more opportunity to pay. Began playing poker on their app a couple of months ago and found there were blackjack side games. Of course disaster ensued. Contacted WH who said they would now block these side games. They did not. More disaster, after which I contacted them again to complain and request a refund for these subsequent blackjack losses.

Since then my poker account has been frozen for over a month with a £500 balance I cannot access. Repeated emails and calls just get a standard 'You have to wait until the investigation is concluded' response, with no timeframe and no update on whether they are doing anything at all to resolve my case. No one will take any responsibility for it.

I'm wondering do I simply wait indefinitely, or is there anything else I can try? Thanks very much.

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Re: William Hill--Suspended poker account and 'investigation' into why poker side games were not blocked. 1 month no ac

Post by Jimmy Justice » Fri Mar 22, 2019 9:20 am


Thank you for your post.

Based on what you outline and nothing else, I don't have WH's side of the story, I think there are two separate aspects to your case:

1. WH's failures to protect you or not.
2. WH holding £500 of your money for no good reason.

My best guess based on experience is that WH will link the two whilst 'investigating' and refuse to let you have your £500 until that is over. You can if you wish, send an official complaint to their CEO saying you want your money now. If they refuse you can use IBAS for this. See the attached leaflet.

Number 1 is much more complex and you can't use IBAS for this although WH may refer you there just to waste your time. My best guess again, is that WH will drag the internal 'investigation out for 4-6 weeks. If you don't pester them every week it may take longer. They are extremely likely to conclude that they have done nothing wrong, therefore you are not getting any form of refund. I put the word 'investigation' in parenthesis, because I've never known an internal investigation at a gambling company realting to social responsibility conclude anything except, "We did nothing wrong." This tends to change somewhat if the BBC rings a company and says they're running a story or a lawyer sends a letter. Read into that what you wish.

Most importantly, professionally, I must mention that there is no point doing anything unless you are seeking professional and/or voluntary help for your gambling issues. It can only be your choice and I'm sorry to labour the point, but it's so important for many reasons.

We always try to be 100% honest and I do hope I'm wrong, but I think you will be facing a frustrating, difficult fight. Come on WH prove me wrong!

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