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Post by mick » Tue Mar 19, 2019 7:19 am

As the £2 day approaches and all we read of is Bookmakers threatening to close hundreds of shops, I wonder if the lot of there traditional horse race betting customers will improve. During recent years the books have acquired Rep for implementing the same culling of cash customers as they do on line.I read that some have "progressed" from photos of customers they will not take a bet from, to installing expensive facial recognition software and as we know these tactics have been implemented against many of the £20 stake punters as well as those who might be seeking a larger bet.

As punters we all know just how difficult it is not to show a long term loss regardless of any skills or disciplines we might feel we possess, and i do wonder how much the above tactics may have cost the Bookmakers concerned.? What will now happen, i have no idea but its going to prove interesting to observe.

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Re: FOBT Day

Post by Jimmy Justice » Tue Mar 19, 2019 8:24 am


1. Sell slots (pokies type games) very, very hard as people can still turnover £45+ per minte on them. Profits from the machines will not go down as much as predicted.

2. Sports punters, especially horse racing punters, no change. There is no culture left in the companies to take any risk on sports anymore.

3. Hopefully, get fined by the GC & ICO for use of intrusive technology that isn't clearly explained to the customer.

4. Hopefully, get fined for failing to use the technology mentioned at No.3 for not identifying those with a gambling disorder who are self exlcuded.


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