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Post by vntooley93 » Sat May 05, 2018 12:37 pm

I have £4027.50 in my skybet account. On 1st of April i received an e-mail that my account is suspended and i have to send documents to fully verify it. The same day i sent all the documents: driver's license + selfie, bank account statement and my visa card that i used for deposits in skybet. It's been more than a month and i still don't have access to my money ! I have 4 phone conversations, live chat and about 10 e-mails with skybet representatives but there is no prompt answer what is going on and why they keep my money against my will. They confirm receipt of all documents. Every time when i contact them i talk to different operator and every time he/she doesn't know what is going on and when i ask to speak with a supervisor or somebody in charge they answer that is not possible!
In last e-mail they ask me to proof my earnings. I have deposits in total for £500 and my monthly salary is about £1700. I even sent them my last 3 monthly payslips, also they see my salary in my monthly bank account statement that i've sent to them on 1st of April.
So far i escalate my case to IBAS, resolver, SBR and some sport betting forums.
Any help is appreciated !!!

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Re: Skybet

Post by Jimmy Justice » Sat May 05, 2018 2:58 pm


Thanks for your post.

Based on what you outline (we obviously don't have SkyBet's side of the story) it would appear you have exhausted all their internal customer service options, so you are entitled to move things forward using other means.

This link contains our advisory leaflet: ... s-betting/ I would get in touch with their CEO first. His name is, Richard Flint and his email address is,

Be positive and explain your full story. If this fails, use Resolver as the second option.

The following is standard text you may wish to adopt?


Delayed payment of winnings

I have an online account with (insert company); username - (insert username).

On (insert date & year) I won a substantial amount of money (insert exact amount if you wish), which is being withheld from me without good reason.

I’ve contacted your customer services on a number of occasions and they are very unhelpful. Nobody will tell me why I have to wait so long and why additional security checks are required. After over (insert period of time) I still don't know where my money is and what's going on. All your staff will tell me is that I have to be patient until the investigation is finished. What exactly is this investigation? Your staff have refused to provide a time frame (insert any other relevant details of your case).

This situation is totally unacceptable and is likely to be something the UK ‘Competition and Markets Authority’ investigation into unfair terms and conditions being used by online bookmakers and their application in practice will be looking at closely. I will be complaining to them as part of their evidence gathering, specifically naming your company.

I do hope you can ensure a quick resolution to this situation, if not, and if I have still not received my money in 14 days (from the date this letter was posted/email sent) I will be sending a ‘letter before action’ thus beginning a small claim against (insert company) in the UK courts.

I look forward to hearing from you urgently or whoever you delegate the task to.

Yours sincerely,

(insert your name)
(insert your username)

I hope this helps?


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