Watch this Greek ad

There is a lot of PR surrounding the issue of problem gambling, but does reality really live up to the hype. Discuss your experiences here, e.g. self exclusion failures.
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Watch this Greek ad

Post by cosmicway » Sat Nov 17, 2018 1:56 pm

It's from the old days, 2002, when "irresponsible" gambling was allowed !
It's a tricky ad in many ways.
The woman in the ad is shouting "the extra 5 coupons will turn us into Switzerland" !
Extra 5 is a form of Lotto.
The woman is supposed to have organized a rally of the rich people against the extra 5, because it makes the poor become rich.

You can see two lines of attack.
First to advertise the extra 5 and make people start play extra 5.
Second to make the rich look like fools and target the sentiment of the working class people, who don't like the rich.

Those were the days of the socialist government, PASOK version. The movie maker wanted to make everything look socialist and working class, as was the want of the party in government.

Those ads were banned 5 years later.
There was in the European court a ruling saying that the fight against compulsive gambling could be a valid reason for member states of the EU to make gambling into state monopoly.
This prompted the Greek government to join the club of the ... psychoanalysts who want to cure people from the gambling disease, but the motive was to save the monopoly.
Nowadays we read their pamphlets offering advise and we also see them on tv.
With Christmas coming -traditionally the season of the card players- I expect many tv programs on the subject of gambling addiction.

Nevertheless our new government (left wingers now, who call themselves the "first time left" as well) allowed street casinos for the first time early this year !

On a serious note I will tell you one of my experiences.
I go back to the early nineties.
First year of the Lotto.
An old schoolmate approaches me and he says "I wrote a book about lotto and I want you to make a cd with a computer program in it with the stuff in my book".
I name a price.
He does n't like, he says "I 'will give you a percentage from the sales but no lump sum".
We agree and as it happened I became involved with the sales, deliveries a.s.o., for as long as it lasted.
About the types of individual who bought the book now:
We had as customers architects, civil engineers, lawyers, doctors, one senior doctor and of course many non university educated people, some rich and some poor. Also betting shops but those don't count because they needed the book + cd for the running of their shop.
No customer, not a single one was a Physicist, a Chemist or an engineering graduate from those branches of engineering with a strong affinity to Physics (e.g. electrical, aeronautical etc). Not one, not even a sample case.
About pure mathematicians I 'm not certain but I think those too do not go for the lotto.

That observation I think says something about our subject.

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