Self excluded but allowed to deposit

There is a lot of PR surrounding the issue of problem gambling, but does reality really live up to the hype. Discuss your experiences here, e.g. self exclusion failures.
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Self excluded but allowed to deposit

Post by mystery » Fri May 22, 2020 10:39 am

Hello, not sure if I can get some help here

I have two cases - one with HollywoodBets UK and the other with Grosvenor Casino

1) HollywoodBetsUk - In Feb 2020, I was on the GAMSTOP register, and through my mistake of my own, I managed to open an account with HB. I deposited almost £1000, and lost it. After realising my mistake, I contacted support and informed them that I was on the register and should not have been allowed to register. HB refused my request stating three reesons (I will falsify the data for the purposes of this post)

Name is Micheal with us and gamstop is Mike
Address has a . on back office
Email used with us x gamstop must be y

Whilst I agree my email was different I don't consider it to be a marker of a person's identity whatsoever. My dob and address was the same. I persisted with my dispute until they gave me an IBAS case number. I went to IBAS who told me it's not in their remit to deal with such matters, and they directed me to UKGC (of whom I'm still awaiting a response from). HB then issued me another email saying that senior management have reviewed my complaint and are not refunding me.

I then looked at the Terms and conditions of the operator and found no explanation of what would happen if someone on GAMSTOP was to open an account and circumvent self exclusion intentionally So for them to decline to refund my deposits is deemed baseless as there is no policy that entitles them to do such a thing.I stress that it was not my intention to deliberately circumvent self exclusion to open an account.

I cited this explanation to the operator and received no comment. My friend also queried this to support via live chat and received no answer (as attached). The customer rep she was speaking to said that all players must submit a form of ID upon registration and are checked as to whether they are on the GAMSTOP register as well. Hence, I do not understand how the three reasons collectively are legitimate reasons for a system to not detect a person that's already on GAMSTOP.

2) Grosvenor - I had a similar problem with Grosvenor in May 2020 , who allowed me to deposit £2k whilst knowing that I had a previous account back in 2018 that was self excluded. Details were all the same apart from email and phone number. Yesterday, I only just came to know about the reverse withdrawal ban from UKGC too and found out that whilst using Grosvenor on 17th May that I cancelled most of my withdrawals. Picked up on it, sent them an email and got a response saying there wasn't a reasonable amount of time to do it yet, even though ASAP was what UKGC said. Grosvenor have refused to give me my deposits back still.

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Re: Self excluded but allowed to deposit

Post by Jimmy Justice » Sat May 23, 2020 9:14 am


Thank you for your post.

Firstly, there is no point doing anything further unless you are seeking professional and/or voluntary help for your gambling disorder. It can only be your choice and I'm sorry to labour the point, but it's so important.

Please can you send me an email to info@justiceforpunters and we can take it from there.

I need to 'get my head round' the precise detail of how the self exclusions were done and a couple of other things, which are best discussed in private.

Unlike the GC I'll try to respond asap, but please do keep in mind I'm a volunteer and it is the weekend.


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