Ladbrokes Coral Self Exclusion Policy

There is a lot of PR surrounding the issue of problem gambling, but does reality really live up to the hype. Discuss your experiences here, e.g. self exclusion failures.
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Ladbrokes Coral Self Exclusion Policy

Post by Del » Thu Dec 14, 2017 2:39 pm

Apparently, according to a Coral online manager, when Ladbrokes merged with Coral they specifically sought clarification from the Gambling Commission that they would not be obliged to merge self exclusion databases from both companies and Betdaq (Owned by Ladbrokes).

And they were given the green light they say by the GC to effectively ignore any self excluded customers from Ladbrokes online or Betdaq, for which there already existed a policy of cross brand self exclusion between Ladbrokes & Betdaq, in respect of Coral online accounts.

So basically, if you are self excluded on Ladbrokes, as it stands you are automatically self excluded from Betdaq and vice versa. But you are NOT self excluded from Coral online.

Which means Ladbrokes Coral are perfectly happy to know that whilst you are self excluded for problem gambling (what other reason is there?) from Ladbrokes online and Betdaq online they have no problem with you betting on their Coral brand online.

Staggering both from the perspective of Ladbrokes Coral as it appears their self exclusion policy only applies for some of their customers and also from the Gambling Commission who seem to have no power what so ever to bring online gambling operators into some sort of cohesive sensible line where self exclusion is concerned.

The proposed but long delayed industry wide all in one self exclusion database will never happen in my view. The resistance is clear from bookmakers and the above farcical situation just highlights this. It is simple for them to merge their SE databases and protect all of their group's customers, not just some of them. But they actively sought permission from the GC to avoid doing this and the GC gave them the green light. It all tells a story.

So if you fall into the trap described, do yourself a favour and SE from Coral and all of Ladbroke Coral brands now. Because they will not do it for you, they'd rather take some more money from such vulnerable problem gamblers. A final bite of your cherry if you like.

Totally immoral.

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Re: Ladbrokes Coral Self Exclusion Policy

Post by Jimmy Justice » Fri Dec 15, 2017 10:45 am

This is shocking and completely unacceptable.


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