A legal question about independent authorities

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A legal question about independent authorities

Post by cosmicway » Mon Oct 30, 2017 7:06 pm

I have a problem with the gaming commission of Greece.
But I want to ask a question about independent authorities in general. Those are the gaming commissions, the telecommunications authority, the citizen's ombudsman, the consumer's ombudsman and others.
The laws governing those authorities may differ from country to country but it's likely there is not much difference across Europe and in the UK.
Those independent authorities are national of course while the so called European ombudsman authority is for the common institutions only.

Suppose now a citizen makes a report.
After they study it they find the report is valid.
If it is not valid then they reject it or if it is fifty-fifty valid they call for some sort of mediation between the parties.
If the complaint is valid does that mean they have to take measures against the company / persons complained against, or can they suggest to the citizen "go to the courts yourself if you like" ?

Example: Our tc authority found a number of tv programs guilty of racism-homophobia-propaganda-black advertisement recently. They threaten with fines. If I report another program for exactly the same things and after they study the videos they agree, do they have to impose fines again, or can they just say to me "sue that program yourself" ?

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