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Please use this forum to discuss unfair terms & conditions used by bookmakers, e.g. no right to appeal against decisions, palpable errors, delays in paying out, refusing promised free bets, etc.
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Re: Blacktype bet

Post by Jimmy Justice » Thu Nov 08, 2018 8:56 am


My understanding is:

1. If you open a new betting account using an OC click through, you are now their commercial property with that bookmaker. They will either receive a fee for that sign-up (you) or more likely they will receive commission (can be as high as 60%, but much more likely 20-40%) on your monthly losses. You are worthless to them if you win, unless a sign-up fee has been paid. As an example, let's say a person signs up through OC with Hills, from that point on it doesn't matter how you place your bets online they will be registered to OC's affiliate licence, so they benefit if you lose, assuming it is a commission deal.

We have evidence from a leaked document that also strongly suggests that people who sign-up through OC are more likely to get restricted quickly as they are deeemed as 'odds sensitive' punters, i.e. we don't want them.

2. Your specific question about closing a browser - if you've not signed up to a bookmaker you wish to place a bet with through an OC click through, you don't need to worry, just open a new tab go directly to the bookmaker website and bet.

There are NO advantages to the customer by signing-up through OC unless you wish to contribute through your losses (if you have any) to their business. Some people may wish to do this if they feel their service is worth it? OC cannot survive thus provide their services without advertising and fees/commission from losing punters - that's their business model. Again, we are back to 'fair and open' - OC and for that matter the 'Racing Post' are perfectly entitled to use affiliate schemes to make money (it can be very significant money), but in order to do this, they should have to explain clearly when people use a click through that they may earn money from it.

I hope this helps?


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