Fan-Sport confiscate $2503 worth of deposits

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Fan-Sport confiscate $2503 worth of deposits

Post by 3kk » Fri May 15, 2020 4:24 pm have closed my account and confiscated $2503 worth of deposits on the grounds of multi-accounting.

I had my original account with where I bet for roughly 3 months in the latter parts of 2019, without them ever asking for any KYC. All deposits and withdrawals were done via Bitcoin and approved instantly.

In January 2020 I then created a second account with Fan-Sport, because of two reasons:
1) I did not have the password manager with my login details available to me at that time.
2) I mistakenly assumed that since they did not ask for any KYC on my original account, that they would also not ask for any KYC on my second account. Had they asked me for any KYC on my original account, then under no circumstances would I have created a second account.

When explaining the multi-account to Fan-Sport via email I received in reply that they had closed my account. They specifically stated: “Please do not register new gaming accounts in this betting company. We pay attention to the fact all new gaming accounts will be blocked, the bets will be cancelled, the deposits will not be returned and paid-down in cost for work connected with the investigation and blocking.”

This would have been a fair statement on their part if I had continued to make several multi-accounts with Fan-Sport, despite them asking me not to do so. However, that is not the case here. I have made ONE second account with Fan-Sport, I have admitted to doing so, and I have now received a first warning from Fan-Sport (that I intend to comply with fully). In light of this, the fair thing to do (as per industry standard) would be to return the deposits - especially considering we are talking about a substantial amount in deposits where the customer did not withdraw more than deposited.

I tried contacting Fan-Sport via email again 12 days after I received this message of account closure, and asked to be allowed to withdraw my deposits. They did not reply.

My deposits/withdrawals were as follows:


At the time that Fan-Sport asked for KYC I had run the balance up to $2579.82.

From a juridical point of view, if they accepted my deposits and bets without KYC then they have to process my withdrawals also without KYC.

It says in Fan-Sport’s terms and conditions section 2, rule 33 with regards to multiple registration:


I am fine with the winnings being confiscated, but I also think that Fan-Sport should refund the account balance as they state in the last paragraph there.

Fan-Sport is the official partner of FC Dynamo Kyiv and enjoy a growing reputation in Ukraine and across Europe. If they decide to refund my deposits, then I will have nothing but good things to say about Fan-Sport. I admit I made a mistake and now it is my sincere hope that we can solve this amicably and go our separate ways. I have no intention of ever creating more accounts with Fan-Sport.

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