Yellow vests and the punters

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Yellow vests and the punters

Post by cosmicway » Wed Dec 05, 2018 6:51 pm

We are being spanked real bad, whether we are British, French, Portuguese or Tataruzhbekis.
It has even been said by a government spokesman that ... "we have succeeded in limiting payouts" !

But the yellow vests in France managed to bend Macron !
They almost burned Notre Dame in the process, as well as every car parked in the sidewalks went up in smoke.
Unacceptable !
For choosing this form of "industrial action", irresepective of being right or wrong, Macron ought to have unleashed the cavalry and beat them up until kingdom come - he did n't do it.

But whatever the case may have been, the taxman was defeated this once,

Allover the world when there is a problem between workers-management we see strikes and clashes with the police.
In the United Kingdom the miners are those who have made the crippling strikes in years past.
Sometimes they got what they wanted, sometimes not.
Usually after a while the threat of suspension of payment ends the strike, after 15-20 days.

But let's see what happens in the case of punters-bookmakers.
If we strike then on which 15th-20th day are we going to be deprived of what ???
If it is the local betting shops who go on strike, it's different -they place themselves to high risk- but we talk about the punters.

In two days all the anti-punter laws, bye laws and prohibitions you know of will be gone.
Not even the sixth fleet has such power - the sixth fleet will sustain some losses if it moves against the enemy !
But we are going to be saving our money on top of everything else.

Yet we are chicken.
Never happened before !

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