Sunbets Cash Out

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Sunbets Cash Out

Post by olly40 » Tue Nov 28, 2017 9:23 am


I have had several issues with Sunbets Cash Out.

Saturday I had £43.70 clearly to cash out which meant I lost 100 quid. I was pressing it and pressing it, the value was showing but refused a cash out. I must have done this 5 or 6 times.

Then the cash out vanished and came back after the bet lost. I sent a message and as a gesture of goodwillt they gave me my stake back.

This is not the first time ive had issues with Sunbets cash out. The larger you stake the more issues you get

Anyhow it was like this all weekend. I couldn;t get into chat to let anyone know as the queue was saying 40 people.

The last thing at night I had two bets winning, one at cash out 401 and one at 110. I was pressing both to cash out and it was not accepting it. The cash out did not change, the scores had not changed and the cash out was showing. I kept pressing. This must have been for 5 minutes. I couldnt get into the chat to ask them as the queue was 30 again. Then obviously the team scored and it disappeared. The cash out never came back until the final few minutes when the bet was lost. I had to take the 20 pound rather than lose it all.

The T&C say if system fails then they are not bound to help, surely if system is down they shouldnt be taking bets? The C/Service girl said yesterday that the system had issues.

How do I take this further? I know what I will get, the same everytime, cash out is not guaranteed etc etc, but surely if a value is showing then it has to give it?

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