Sunbets won't honor their promotion

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Sunbets won't honor their promotion

Post by Sunbetsucks » Tue Dec 27, 2016 10:21 pm

Thanks for letting me join your forum :D

I've got an ongoing problem with Sunbets but they've just started outright ignoring me now so not sure what to do next.

They ran an advent promotion were they promised to double your winnings if your horse won at Ascot. My horse did go onto win but Sunbets only gave me a £25 free bet.

After waiting a week for a reply I got this which proves they can't even read their own terms and conditions:

"In this double your winnings promotion the maximum free bet was £25. So even though double your winnings was £85 the maximum free bet given is £25."

I replied with a screenshot and asked them where it says that the free bet was limited to £25.

"This was highlighted on the page in Red. 'Max free bet £25'"

...Am I taking crazy pills or is that clearly not true?

The customer service rep seemed so confident I started questioning my own sanity, but then I am pretty sure I'd have seen Max Free bet £25 in red since I've looked at the promotion often enough.

They've since decided to stop replying so I suppose I'll try IBAS but I am not even sure if they're trying nowadays. I actually submitted a previous claim in April and have only eve received a confirmation that they got the complaint but nothing else.

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