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Sunbets Con

Post by olly40 » Tue Nov 28, 2017 9:08 pm


I have always had issues with Sunbets. I spend a lot with them.

This weekend their cash out was all over the place. When you pressed it was not taking the winnings, but cash out still sat there live, no changes no drops and no vanishing

I had 2 bets one with cash out of 110 quid and one of 468 quid.

I pressed both to cash out and it was not reacting. I pressed 6 times. The value stayed the same and nothing. Then it vanished and came back when id lost.

They are saying cash out can change anytime and not willing to help

I get that, but cash out didnt change it was sat there with a value for ages and I was pressing it just wouldnt do anything.

Now I am stuck!

Jimmy Justice
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Re: Sunbets Con

Post by Jimmy Justice » Wed Nov 29, 2017 9:43 am


Thanks for both your posts.

This is a difficult one. Bookie cash-out is verging on a con, because their T&Cs basically cover everything to their advantage. I've attached our advisory leaflet and I would recommend you start with a letter to their CEO or a complaint to 'Resolver'.

Irrespective of whether you win your case eventually or not, you need to think about cashing out on the exchanges by laying. I know this is not always possible at the stake level you're using, but you should seriously think about it and if needed get a free trading calculator (plenty on the net).

I'll try and have an informal word with SunBets as well, but no promises. As always honesty is best. We've never won a cash out case. Like I say bookies take it down, make it live again, take it down again, whenever they want; or at least that's how it seems.

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Re: Sunbets Con

Post by cosmicway » Mon Dec 11, 2017 4:11 pm

I never came across this with bet365.
When your bet is all but lost they either offer you something like 1/10th of your stake or the cash-out button is dimmed and you cannot cash out.
Last year I had a 20 euro bet on Ibrahimovitz top scorer and they were cashing it out for 15-16 euros, as he was not doing particularly well but he still had a hope. Then when he lost contact with Lukaku they were offering 2.50 euros cash-out, then nothing.

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