Skybet account restricted

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Skybet account restricted

Post by WINALOT100 » Fri Dec 27, 2019 9:37 pm

Hi all, after enjoying reading many of the posts on here and as a recent fellow victim of injustice from a well known bookie, I would like to contribute.
I've been with skybet for years and stuck with them as they have some good promotions and I like the layout, a couple of months ago I noticed a free bet from a promotion I'd participated in had not been credited, then I realized my account had been "restricted" meaning I am excluded from all promotions including skybet club.
I was sure there must be some mistake, I play by the rules and I'm only a small stakes gambler, I spoke to a skybet operater and while they seemed sympathetic would give no real reason why this has happened, I've sent several emails to skybet to which I received no response, on the forums it says that this happens to less than 1% of their customers, I cannot think of any other reason for this to have happened except for maybe that I was winning, but even that seems crazy as I was only about £600 up over 12 months according to their handy profit and loss tool, chicken feed to a massive corporation like sky bet I would have thought, and reading their advice it says it could be down to my betting behaviour! But I only bet small stakes, rarely more than a fiver and typically bet on football, accumulaters and goalscorers mostly, needless to say I'm absolutely fuming and have not staked a penny with them since.

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Re: Skybet account restricted

Post by Jimmy Justice » Mon Dec 30, 2019 10:06 am


Many thanks for your post; it's a classic example of how modern online bookmaking works.

Being a long-term customer means nothing. Once you are profiled as being someone who doesn't regularly lose money usual (advertised) services will be taken away from you with NO explanation as to why. Don't blame the staff you communicated with; it's how they're trained. You've been deemed an 'undesirable' by their trading department, so do not expect any sort of service from now on. It's not just SkyBet it's every large operator. You will now be treated as verging on sub-human, e.g. RUDE CUSTOMER SERVICES, A COMPLETE LACK OF TRANSPARENCY, etc.

I don't like typing what follows, but due to a lack of action by the Gambling Commission, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, the Competition and Market's Authority, and the Information Commissioner's Office you have no right of appeal. Irrespective of 'fairness' in consumer, contract and gambling law, and SkyBet being able to retain all your personal data for as long as they wish you have no rights.

The best thing you can do is let as many people know about your experience as possible.

Thank you again for your post.


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