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Hello from Jimmy Justice

Post by Jimmy Justice » Thu Jan 21, 2016 10:44 am

Hi I'm Jimmy Justice, I've designed most of the website. I'm sick to death of off-course bookmakers getting away with bankrupting people whilst refusing to take even small bets from those who try to win by studying, i.e. simply taking a hobby a little seriously. It stinks, when £10 'fun' punters can have their accounts restricted and/or closed, even when they are losing.

However, account restrictions are not really why I got involved in campaigning; it was the 'spying' on me and companies not accepting my identity documents as being genuine immediately. I'm a proud UK citizen and I expect bookmakers to treat me like every other service provider who deals with UK citizens, i.e. With care and respect unless I do something legally wrong. Again, it stinks, when you are told to take 'selfies' with your passport without a reason been given for any suspicions. You know why, because there aren't any reasons, therefore there is no chance of a company making an accusation you could sue for. They are just upsetting you, because you've not given them your money.

I'm looking forward to what everyone has to say and passing on evidence to the regulators in an attempt to get them to right the many wrongs that are presently occurring.


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