Hello to one and all....

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Hello to one and all....

Post by vjrhemsley » Sun May 10, 2020 3:48 pm


I thought it about time I posted something if only to say hello and introduce myself.

I am in the category of punter that the site describes as having no on-line right to bet. It is getting to be beyond a joke, and my current position in terms of the max win allowed for horse racing bets (which covers about 90% of my betting) with the major players is something like as follows: £100 Sky, £20 Hills, £10 Bet365, £5 Ladbrokes, and yes £0 with Coral, and the accounts closed with Betfred, VCBet, Betway. Betair Sportsbook (BSP) and PPower seem to have varying maximums and hats off (for now) to Unibet and Star Sports. I am aware of Hills, Sky and BSP at least having Minimum Bet Guarantees in place after a certain time which I welcome, and I would love to see this rolled out across the board. As a result of the on-line restrictions I tend to use Betfair Exchange the most.

I accept that bookmakers do need to have some limits or maximums in place in order to run their businesses, but the punitive restrictions and closures are not fair or justifiable. I am not looking to arb, cheat or bet for a living. I just want to be able to bet and not penalised for having the termerity of finishing in front, taking the best odds on offer or following selections of a good tipster. What really irks me is that I am struggling to find another form of commerce where the account restrictions and/or closures would be viewed as anything but discriminatory.

Enough for now.

Keep up the great campaigning, whether that be account restrictions, ring-fencing of customer's monies, safeguarding of problem gamblers or scrutiny and probing of The Regulators and the legislation that underpins betting in the UK. Would love to know how I can help as I've reached the point where I want to stop whinging and doing something to help force the changes that are needed.

PS - loved the 3 mini interviews with 'Jimmy Justice' on Star Sports website.

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