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Hello from BadMeetsEvil

Post by BadMeetsEvil » Thu Apr 18, 2019 8:12 pm

Hi Guys

Im new here, want to connect with as much like mindet ppl as possible ( probably gonna have some fals spelling so dont be much surprised as im not from an english speaking country )

I Like what I can read here. There are things here I would never expect especially from bet365. It turned my Opinion about them completely in the opposite.

Now my Question is.

I plan to make a living from Fottballbetting ( or in other parts in the world called soccer ) and for that im a High roller ( will bet with 5 Figures at least ). I assumed with the bookies that they just wont let you win all the time and with a little research I found you guys here and it pretty much confirmed my assumptions :)

With European bookies you can throw the Idea of making a living in the bin. However, with the asians I read so many times that they tend to be different and they let winners win when they win. Im Speaking of Pinnacle, Sbobet or 188bet. Pinnacle even adverts that they dont limit or block winners. Do have any of you experience with them?

I read also that betting in the Asian Countrys has quite a history and is more accepted in the Society and respect if someone bets and lives from betting. ( Europeans are just greedy! )

Jimmy Justice
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Re: Hello from BadMeetsEvil

Post by Jimmy Justice » Sat Apr 20, 2019 7:50 am


Thank you for your post.

Your assumptions about European bookies are 100% correct - no winners allowed. I would take 188Bet off your list as well. Hopefully you will be fine with Pinnacle and SBO. UK based people can't use these two companies legally. They don't have a licence in the UK. Not for me to say, but I would think some people from the UK do use them. Say no more.


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