888.com black problem

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888.com black problem

Post by Stefan » Tue Jul 04, 2017 1:22 pm

Hi there looking for some advice I was playing live blackjack on the 888.com website on my phone I had a bet of £3000 on a hand and was delt 20 I went to press stand and it doubled me down taking another £3000 pound from player account making the bet £6000 and busting me when a 7 came in if it had stood like my intention was I would have won the hand. Now in all my playing with this site I had never doubled down and was already playing to my max limit really with £3000
The distance between the stand button and the double down is like a couple millimetres when using my phone but I definitely pressed stand as you do on a 20 but a double down was issued the dealer made no effort to question this rediculous move and I lost the 6000£. Which really more to the point means I lost 9000£ because I would have won the hand So I contacted the 888 team and after months of waiting and providing proof of income and such before they would help which is stupid because they took the mo et o questions asked in the first place I was offered a £500 settlement which I said I need to think about obviously after a week they just put the £500 into my gaming account and said the issue was settled without speaking with me They said there computer has it that I double down but I definitely did not but with the button so close if feel that it is set up for accidents like this to happen. I have not touched the £500 they put in my account and and really unsure if there is anything I can do can anyone advise me on my options Thanks for reading anymore details just ask.

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