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Horse Racing: Coral manager recovering from surgery after stabbing.

A CORAL manager stabbed three times during a robbery at his betting shop in Bradford on Sunday night has had his spleen removed, writes Graham Green.

The 50-year-old man is recovering in Bradford Royal Infirmary after the attack, which was branded "vile and cowardly" by company spokesman Dave Stevens.

The manager, who had been working alone at the shop in Market Street, Thornton, for the previous three hours, was in the process of shutting up when the robber struck around 6pm. After being forced behind the cash desk, he was knifed by his attacker, who later fled with a small amount of money.

Despite being badly injured, the manager was able to raise the alarm and was taken to hospital, where surgeons operated soon after his admission. Coral are not naming the employee, who has been with the firm since the shop was taken over as part of the John Woods bookmakers purchase in December 2003.

"The area manager went to see him on Monday and, thankfully, he was as well as could be expected," said Stevens.

"Our chief priority is the welfare of our member of staff, and we will do all we can to support him and his family, and to help police with their inquiries.

"Attacks of that nature, with that level of violence, are, fortunately, still a rare occurrence and we are just very relieved that he is out of danger."

Stevens added: "The robber got away with a small sum of money, and this is the other thing about it - there is never a large amount of money in a betting shop' that is just a myth."

A spokesman for West Yorkshire police said yesterday: "A 33-year-old man arrested on Sunday night has since been released on police bail and inquiries are continuing."

Police are appealing to anyone who was in the Market Street and Fountain Street area in the hour before the robbery, or anybody who visited the Coral shop during that time, to contact them on 01274 376259. ... 0158190369

Chappel v Gala Coral 2013

We saved our client £350,000 following a full denial of a case involving an assault of a betting shop manager in Bradford in 2007. ... coral-2013

The claimant was the manager of a Coral Racing betting shop near Bradford when he suffered injuries following an assault/robbery of the shop on 21 January 2007.

The claimant suffered stab wounds to his stomach, chest, legs, torso, finger and face which resulted in injury to his spleen. It is believed that he had to have his spleen removed and suffered from PTSD which prevented the claimant from meaningful employment. The claimant claim was pleaded in excess of £225,000.

The Claimant’s legal representatives argued liability stating there was inadequate security insofar that the betting shop had no CCTV and other security measures were inadequate. Unbeknown to Coral the Claimant had some of his own money stored in a safe on the premises and following investigation by the Police it was discovered that the Claimant kept a knife in the safe also.

Our instructed solicitors acting for Coral obtained advice from Counsel, it was opined that there had probably been a breach of duty but there were major issues with causation because of the hidden money. The advice was as per our own instructions that being to continue to defend. Legal advice was given to consider making a nuisance offer when questioning the claimant following several inconsistencies with the evidence given, however it was agreed to await sight of further expert evidence.

A jointly instructed expert report was obtained in relation to the security measures in place it suggest there was little fault on the part of Coral Racing Ltd. Based on this encouraging report it was agreed to pursue to trial maintaining the denial, the claimant was at this point invited to discontinue the claim, he did not.

Judgement was handed down in January this year, with Coral being successful in the full denial, the saving on the claim inclusive of costs is in the region of £350,000.

The case was handled by Emma Harris, Senior Adjuster in Swindon.


Steve Coughlan was targeted by two men using the electric weapon in an unprovoked attack last week.

A man was left paralysed on the floor after being tasered by robbers as he sat reading a newspaper in a Bermondsey bookies.

Steve Coughlan, 56, was attacked from behind in Ladbrokes in Southwark Park Road on March 19 by two men, who made off with his bag. Steve was unable to get up and confront his attackers because of the taser shock.

Steve said: “There was absolutely no warning. I was just sitting at the table, reading my paper. Then suddenly there was someone with their arm around my neck and I was being shocked.

“They kept doing it until I fell off the chair onto the floor. They took my bag, with my iPad, credit cards and cash in it.”

Steve thinks that, as a well-known face at the betting shop, he may have been specifically targeted by the two men.

He said: “I’m in the shop all the time, so maybe they saw that I was doing well. I’m not going to let them keep me from doing what I enjoy though. They don’t scare me – I was back a few days later.”

Steve outside the bookmakers where he was attacked.
Steve outside the bookmakers where he was attacked.

Dave McCuster, manager of Ladbrokes, knew that something was wrong as soon as the two men entered the shop.

He said: “One of them was wearing his hood up, which didn’t seem right. I know all my locals and he wasn’t one of them. He walked past Steve as if he was coming up to the main desk, but then walked back to Steve and attacked him.

“Steve managed to crawl towards the middle of the room but they kept tasering him. The customers were great and were trying to help, but they couldn’t get near the man because he had the taser.”

One of the men was described by witnesses as being at least 6 foot 6 inches high. A police spokesperson said that the alleged attackers were both white males thought to be between the ages of 28 and 33.

If you have any information, you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. ... park-road/

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VIDEO: Horror CCTV shows vicious thug violently batter betting shop punter – over £5

THIS is the horrific moment an evil yob brutally punched a betting shop customer for using a gambling machine he had left £5 on.

Vladimir Melinte, 28, smashed Florin Cristea, 37, in the face with a single punch, fracturing his eye socket in the sickening attack.
CCTV captured the horror beating at the William Hill branch in Whitmore Reans, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, on September 4 last year.

The dramatic footage shows dad-of-one Melinte stroll up to his victim, strike him and lead him out of the door.

Man punched customer in Wolverhampton betting shopNEWSTEAM/SWNS.COM
ATTACK: Shocking CCTV shows Melinte stroll up to his victim and beat him

Melinte, who is originally from Romania, was arrested after a nationwide appeal and hauled before Wolverhampton Magistrates Court on Wednesday.
The thug admitted inflicting grievous bodily harm without intent and sentencing was adjourned until March 28 for a pre-sentence report to be prepared.

JPs heard Melinte launched the brutal attack after he spotted Mr Cristea starting to play on a betting machine he had left £5 worth credit on.

Man punched customer in Wolverhampton betting shopNEWSTEAM/SWNS.COM
GUILTY: Melinte admitted punching Mr Cristea in the betting shop

MANHUNT: A nationwide search was launched to find Melinte

Maggie Meakin, prosecuting, said: “Melinte had left the first machine to place a bet on a second machine when Mr Cristea, who is also Romanian, visited the first machine and hit the collect button.”
Richard Quinn, defending, said his client lost his temper but the punch was “a spur of the moment reaction”.

A facial surgery consultant told the court Mr Cristea suffered with a fractured right eye socket and underwent open reduction surgery to correct it.

Chairman of the bench Stephen Russell said the offence was of a serious nature but sentencing could take place at magistrates court.

Man punches betting shop worker in Wolverhampton William Hill branchNEWSTEAM/SWNS.COM
INJURED: Mr Cristea suffered a fractured eye socket after the punch

Thug attacks betting shop punter in WolverhamptonNEWSTEAM/SWNS.COM
PLEA: Milente has admitted the charge

Chairman of the bench Stephen Russell said the offence was of a serious nature but sentencing could take place at magistrates court.
Milente was issued with bail on the condition he does not to visit the bookmakers or to contact the victim.

Mr Russell added: “If you break the conditions of your bail this court reserves the right to transfer sentencing to the crown court.” ... er-over-5/

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Pensioner stabbed in raid on Stamford Hill Paddy Power

07:00 17 March 2016

Sam Gelder

CCTV footage captured the moment the masked robber threatened the member of staff

This is the terrifying moment a masked thug threatened a Stamford Hill bookmaker’s worker during a raid that saw a pensioner knifed and £6,500 stolen.

Jennifer Machin, general manager of the Paddy Power storeJennifer Machin, general manager of the Paddy Power store
Police were called to Paddy Power just after 8am on Saturday but the knife-wielding attacker had fled the scene with the cash.

The staff member who opened up the shop told the Gazette how she dropped to her knees in fear when threatened with the blade.

The 24-year-old, of Enfield, who was too afraid to be named, said: “I opened up at 8am and a couple of customers came in.

“I started to count the money and a man charged towards me waving a knife shouting ‘give me the money’. I couldn’t see his face because he had a mask on. I couldn’t think what my code was but eventually I gave him the money and he ran out.”

A 65-year-old regular punter, known only as Errol, was stabbed in the back during the robbery, though his injuries are not thought to be serious.

“He was taken to hospital eventually,” said the worker. “But before that he still wanted to put a bet on. I couldn’t believe it!

“To be honest I feel like the customers could have done more. One man was still doing his bets on the machine while it was happening.

“I was shaken. You sometimes hear of this happening but never think it will happen to you. I was more than terrified.” Steve Scott, another regular punter, arrived minutes after the robbery and checked on his friend Errol before chasing the perpetrator down Stamford Hill.

“I came in and the girl said ‘we’ve just been robbed’. She was shaking. Errol had a big red stain on his back that was quite deep.

“I threw my betting slip on the floor and ran outside. I could see him jogging away and I chased him but he turned and saw me and accelerated away. I lost him.

“If I had been in the shop he wouldn’t have got out, and that’s not bravado. Errol is an old-age pensioner, and to do that to the girl as well, it’s not on.”

Manager Jennifer Machin, who usually opens up, was also at the scene quickly from her Highbury home. “I’ve never been robbed in 26 years in the business,” she told the Gazette. “I think it was an opportunist looking for his weekend money.

“These people don’t stop and think about the after-effects. Errol is 65. That is ridiculous. People just do as they please without thinking.” Flying Squad detectives are investigating the attack but have made no arrests. ... _1_4459309

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Thugs attack employee at Hayes bookmakers 'after he asked for ID.

Police said "up to six" men repeatedly punched and kicked the 25-year-old man at William Hill, in Station Road, at around 6.40pm on Sunday (March 22).

The attackers fled and no arrests have been made, but police enquiries continue.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said the attack followed a "verbal altercation" and robbery had been ruled out as a motive.

The spokesman described the victim's injuries as "minor", adding: “He wasn’t seriously injured, thankfully.”

The London Ambulance Service (LAS) said it was not called to the incident.

However, an unnamed customer, who heard later what had happened, said he understood the victim went to Hillingdon Hospital, in Pield Heath Road, with a broken nose and "severe" cuts to his face, but had since been discharged.

The customer added: “He was working in the shop on Sunday and he came out from behind the counter just to help one of the customers on one of the machines, and these guys walked in, so he’s asked for their ID, as he’s entitled to do, and they just set about him, giving him a right good clumping.

“They broke his nose and smashed all his mouth in.”

He added: “It’s just getting out of hand.”

According to David Brough, chairman of Hayes Town Partnership, all bookmakers in Hayes have recently agreed to share information so that a ban from one becomes effective at all.

Mr Brough said: “It came about because some of the betting shops had been having problems when they challenge someone because of their age – they get a lot of abuse and some of them cause trouble.

“The idea is to get all the betting shops working together so that when you’re banned from one, you’re banned from all."

A William Hill spokesman said: “We can confirm an incident happened at our Hayes shop on Station Road.

"However, as this is an ongoing investigation, we cannot go into any more detail. We are working with the police to help the investigation.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact police on 101. Alternatively, call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. ... rs-8906681

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Kirkby bookies scene of brutal gang attack on customer

A pregnant shop assistant looked on in horror as a customer was battered in a three-on-one gang attack at a Kirkby bookies.

Connor Andrew McVey, 18; Ricky Anthony Sloan, 20, and Wade Michael Chambers, 19, viciously punched and kicked Joseph McGuiness at a branch of Stan James bookmakers in Kirkby town centre, forcing him to cower in a toilet.

Chambers, of Seathwaite Crescent, Kirkby, denied assault but was found guilty in his absence after failing to attend a trial at Liverpool Magistrates’ Court yesterday. A warrant has been issued for his arrest.

Sloan, of Ryecote in Kirkby, and McVey, of Birchmuir Hey, also Kirkby, had pleaded guilty to assault at an earlier hearing.

Lynn Clark, prosecuting at the original hearing, said the trio approached Mr McGuiness after spotting him at the bookies on March 26.

She said: “At 10.30am the complainant went down to Stan James bookies to place a bet. He had been there about two minutes when the defendants entered the shop.

“He had his back to the front door when he heard one of the defendants say, ‘Hey Joey, get outside’. He says they then came through the door.”

The court heard Mr McGuiness was surrounded and Chambers punched him in the face.

This caused him to step back and put his hands up to protect himself, but Sloan then viciously kicked him in the face.

The court heard the attack was witnessed by the six-months-pregnant staff member, who was described as being “frightened”.

Mr McGuiness managed to scramble away and lock himself in the ladies toilet, said Ms Clark.

She said the three left the shop, but returned a short while later. Mr McGuiness heard one of the group say ‘he’s locked himself in the toilets’.

When he emerged the police had arrived and the group had left the scene.

Ms Clark said the incident was captured on CCTV, which showed Mr McGuiness had not attempted to fight back and was trying to get away from his attackers.

Christopher Mantle, defending Sloan, told the court his client was sole carer for his grandma after the death of his grandad.

He said Sloan had thought his victim had done something to one of his close friends.

Mr Mantle said: “My client would clearly want me to point out that he doesn’t just go up to people he doesn’t know and attack them, not that this excuses in any way his behaviour.”

The court heard Sloan had a previous conviction for robbery as a juvenile in 2013.

Sloan and McVey were both sentenced to a 12 month community order with rehabilitation activity requirements on July 13.

Sloan was also ordered to carry out 100 hours unpaid work and to pay Mr McGuiness £50 compensation, £85 prosecution costs and a £60 victim surcharge.

McVey received 150 hours unpaid work, and was told to pay £85 costs and a £60 surcharge. ... ng-9760869

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CCTV shows shocking attack in bookies' which left victim with fractured skull

This is the shocking moment a scaffolder’s savage punch left a former friend with a brain bleed and a fractured skull.

Richard Hutchinson attacked his victim without warning after the pair fell out over a debt.

CCTV footage has now been released which shows the engineer standing at the counter of William Hill bookmakers’ when Hutchinson ran in and felled him with one blow to the jaw.

The victim was knocked unconscious to the tiled floor by the “full force punch”, The Gazette reported this week.

He did not remember the attack in the Stockton betting shop on September 6 last year.

The man was taken to hospital with a skull fracture and a brain bleed.

He stayed in intensive care for 16 days but was later readmitted to hospital for another 11 days for rehabilitation, Teesside Crown Court heard.

Richard Hutchinson shown punching the man on CCTV
Richard Hutchinson shown punching the man on CCTV
Hutchinson, of Grenville Road, Thornaby, went to police saying: “I’ve hit someone. I may have seriously hurt them.”

The 40-year-old said to officers he “lost it” because he and his wife had been threatened, he went to try to “sort it out” and thought he had just knocked him out.

He told police in interview: “I didn’t mean to cause that much damage to him. It shocked me how easily he went down.

“I’m gutted. I’m sick to my stomach that I’ve actually done that to him.

“I didn’t expect that at all. If anything, I expected him to turn around and hit me back.”

He later admitted causing grievous bodily harm. He had a caution for a similar offence in 2005 and assault convictions, but no violence for a decade.

Duncan McReddie, defending, said Hutchinson acted recklessly with “a degree of provocation that was long-running” after he borrowed £300 from the victim, down to £60 by the time of the assault.

He said the unemployed scaffolder expressed regret and remorse since the assault and a prison sentence would badly affect the dad’s family.

Both sides made allegations of threats and violence from each man against the other in the run-up to the attack in the bookies’.

The prosecution said Hutchinson threw punches at the victim the day before the attack then threatened to “fill him in” on the phone.

The defence claimed the the money was demanded from Hutchinson, his wife was assaulted, he was threatened with garden shears and heard he would be given “a good hiding”.

Hutchinson was jailed for two years and given a five-year restraining order banning him from contacting the victim or going to his street ... es-8957265

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Man attacked bookies after ‘fast’ roulette loss

A GAMBLER who launched a vicious attack on Dalkeith bookie shop staff after losing heavily was given a life sentence today.

A judge who watched dramatic CCTV footage of Mark Rutter smashing his way though a security screen and lashing out with a pair of scissors said: “It is clear to me you must have terrified the two employees.”

One man was stabbed in the neck and another was punched as angry punter Rutter, 40, demanded his money back.

Defence QC Jim Keegan QC claimed that super-fast gaming machines - featured in a BBC Panorama programme - can rake in ten pounds a minute and had sparked violence throughout Britain.

The lawyer told the High Court in Edinburgh that many of the incidents went unreported because the operators did not want to jeopardise their profits.

Mr Keegan admitted: “I don’t say that excuses the level of violence which was used after the accused went across the counter and attacked the two men. But the machine was the catalyst.”

Judge Lord Uist noted that Liverpudlian Rutter had a record dating back to 1985 which included prison terms for burglary, serious assault and attempted rape.

Background reports - including an assessment prepared for Rutter’s defence team - branded him a high risk.

Lord Uist said it was clear that the conclusions opened the way for him to impose a life sentence - known as an order for lifelong restriction. The judge also ordered Rutter to serve at least two years and eight months before he can ask to be released.

Lord Uist warned him: “You must not assume that you will automatically be released at the end of that period.

“You will be released only when the Parole Board of Scotland is satisfied you are no longer considered to be a danger to the public.”


Footage from security cameras in a William Hill’s shop in Dalkeith, Midlothian, showed Rutter toppling the roulette-type machine which he had been playing.

It smashed into a gantry of TV screens showing horse races and other sports events.

Furious Rutter then smashed a security screen with his hands and pulled himself into the staff area behind the counter.

Advocate depute Richard Goddard, prosecuting, said Rutter was yelling: “I want my money back. Give me my £200 back.”

Rutter tried to open the tills then punched cashier Ryan Drummond on the head.

He then approached deputy manager Daniel Hardwick, armed with a pair of scissors.

Mr Goddard continued: “Mr Hardwick, fearing for his life, began pleading with the accused and shouted: ‘Don’t do it, don’t do it mate.”

But Rutter struck Mr Hardwick twice on the neck with the scissors, in spite of his attempts to ward off the blows.

Doctors later found one wound was superficial but the other was two centimetres deep and medics said it was potentially life threatening because it was so close to major blood vessels.


Another customer told Rutter the police were on their way and he fled with about £180 in notes and another £20 in coins.

Police answering the 999 call to the shop in Dalkeith’s High Street brought in a dog to help search nearby woods after reports of a man seen there, counting money.

Rutter was found sitting on a river bank and detained. He claimed he had been fishing. A thorough search of the area uncovered the bloodstained scissors - with DNA on the handle matching that of Rutter.

In court he pleaded guilty to a charge of robbery last August 23, which included assaulting Mr Hardwick to the danger of his life and assaulting Mr Drummond.

Lord Uist heard that Rutter, whose address was given as Castleview House, Craigour Place, Edinburgh, was in Scotland visiting a girlfriend. ... -1-2962072

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Father and son spared jail for savage Newcastle city centre betting shop attack

08:30, 19 Feb 2016

A father and his son savagely attacked another customer in a betting shop after a row over whose turn it was on a roulette machine.

The victim had been playing on the machine in a city centre branch of Ladbrokes but while he went to get a drink, pensioner Michael Morton took his place.

A court heard the victim, a chef at the time, was annoyed as he was in the middle of a game and a row broke out.

Morton, 65, challenged the man to a fight before going to get son, Shaun Morton, from nearby.

When the pair returned to the shop on Clayton Street, Newcastle, they launched a sustained attack in which the victim was bitten, repeatedly hit with a chair and punched.

But despite inflicting injuries in the “ugly” attack, the father and son have been spared prison.

The victim had been playing the roulette game at Ladbrokes for some time on October 2 last year.

Prosecutor Bridie Smurthwaite told the court: “He left the machine to get a drink at eight o’clock and when he came back the defendant Michael Morton was playing it.

“This upset the complainant because he thought he had £100 credit and he told Michael Morton he was still playing on it.

“He was told Morton had put £10 in it. Morton then left but kept coming back asking the man to have a fight.”

Morton then briefly left the bookies before returning with his son.

Miss Smurthwaite said: “There was then an attack by both defendants.

“The complainant was bitten and hit numerous times with a chair.

“Shaun Morton punched and bit the victim and Michael Morton hit him numerous times with the chair.

“Shaun Morton punched the victim in the face then Michael Morton hit him with the chair while he was on the ground.”

The victim was left bleeding and in pain, with scratches on his head and face, swelling to his eye and a bite mark behind his ear.

He said in a statement to the court: “They attacked me like animals and I thought I was going to get seriously injured.

“Because of the pain I’ve had difficulty sleeping since the attack.

“The attack left me shocked and terrified at the time.”

Michael Morton and Shaun Morton, 38, both of Avalon Court, Newcastle, admitted assault.

They were both given six months prison suspended for 12 months. Morton snr was given a weekend electronically monitored curfew while Morton jnr must do 120 hours unpaid work.

Imposing a suspended sentences at Newcastle Crown Court, Recorder Ben Nolan QC said: “It was an ugly incident and must have been extremely frightening.

“The two of you lost control, particularly you Michael Morton, who went to get your son to come back to assist in your argument.”

Alec Burns, for Morton snr, said he was retired.

Tony Hawks, for Morton jnr, told the court there is a serious family problem at the moment. ... e-10913312

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Lowestoft: Shock knife attack on Betfred staff in London Road North as bookmakers robbed last night

13:59 16 October 2014

A man was attacked with a knife last night as a woman robbed a Lowestoft bookmakers.

It happened last night at around 8.25pm when the offender entered the shop in London Road North believed to be run by Betfred.

She asked a member of staff for help with a gambling machine and when he came out from behind the counter she pulled out a large knife.

As the man went to run away he fell to the floor where he was attacked by the woman with the knife which caused a deep cut to his face.

Two customers left the shop and one tried to call the police, but a man outside snatched the phone from him.

Meanwhile the woman took some cash from the shop and ran off with this man towards Clapham Road South.

The employee who was attacked was first taken to the James Paget Hospital and later transferred to the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital.

A police search was unable to trace either the man or the woman and they are now appealing for information which could help find or identify them.

The woman is described as white, of large build, short in stature and wearing a beige baseball cap, dark coloured hooded top, jeans and trainers.

The man is described as being of oriental appearance in his mid 20s, wearing dark clothing.

Police would like to hear from anyone who was in the area and saw these two people either before or after the robbery, or from anyone who may recognise them from their descriptions.

Calls should be made to Lowestoft CID on 101 quoting LO/14/5316 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

A Betfred spokesman said: “The safety of our staff and customers is paramount and we are working with the police.” ... _1_3808575

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The masked man walked into Coral bookmakers in Tilehurst, Reading on the evening of 28 March, holding a knife.

As he started taking cash from the till, two customers used stools and chairs in an attempt to stop him but he fled with £1,000.

A £5,000 reward has been offered by the bookmakers for vital information.

The CCTV film shows the raider barging his way into the rear of the shop where he helps himself to cash from the till.

However, he is spotted by two customers who advance on him.

One throws the chair at him, while the other hits him on the back with a stool. The woman cashier then joins in, trying to grab and smack him.

The offender then manages to break clear and flees the shop.

He was wearing an army-coloured ski mask and aged in his early 20s.

Det Con John Yallop, from Newbury CID, said: "The footage is quite dramatic and shows two men acting very bravely in using stools and chairs to try to prevent the offender from getting the money.

"I hope that by releasing this footage, members of the public who have information about this incident and who have not yet come forward, will speak to police."

The reward has been offered by Coral along with the Association of British Bookmakers Ltd.

United Kingdom (UK/GB)

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