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Gambler smashed up BetFred shop - causing £11,000 of damage

Kulwinder Singh

A gambler went on the rampage at a betting shop – causing more than £11,000 of damage.

Kulwinder Singh tipped over eight gaming machines and smashed up 18 large TV screens at the Betfred shop in Radford Road, Hyson Green.

The 55-year-old avoided jail after a Nottingham Crown Court judge heard he was getting help from a community psychiatric nurse for his drinking and taking medication.

Judge Stuart Rafferty told him he had behaved in a "wholly unacceptable way" but he warned him that if he got into trouble again he would be going to prison "because all of this will come back to haunt you".

He added: "Gambling is a curse. Quite when it was that the streets of almost every town and city in the land became festooned with betting shops I don't know."

The judge added that it had been a "forlorn hope" that Singh was ever going to win enough money to "sort everything out – that's just pie in the sky, it never happens".

"It probably doesn't help when you go in there so drunk you probably aren't betting on the right thing in any event," he added.

Prosecutor Kevin Jones said Singh was a regular user of the betting shop, which he visited at 8.30pm on February 14 and there had never been any previous issues.

He added: "But at around 9.40pm, he began to smash the shop up. He pulled a gaming machine over and it smashed to the floor."

The court heard that the shop manager approached Singh, and when asked what he was doing, Singh said he was going to pull every machine to the floor.

Singh threw a punch, which failed to connect with the manager, who then went behind a security screen to call police.

"Mr Singh then proceeded to pull over the remaining gaming machines," added Mr Jones.

"He then picked up a chair and started to smash the television sets that are dotted around the betting shop.

"In total, there were 14 22in TVs and four 42in TVs."

The total damage to the televisions was £3,718.80 and £7,500 of damage was caused to eight gaming machines.

The incident lasted for around 15 minutes and when police arrived they found Singh with a chair in his hand.

Upon his arrest, Singh - who has 12 convictions for 22 offences , including public order, affray, wounding and possession of an offensive weapon, said he was drunk and couldn't remember anything.

Dominic Shelley, mitigating, said: "He has been making efforts to control his drinking. He has support from a community psychiatric nurse and is taking medication.

"I have explained to him that if he is fortunate enough to keep his liberty, he needs to keep going and that probation are there to help him as well."

Singh, of Addison Street, Arboretum, admitted criminal damage on February 14.

Judge Rafferty sentenced him to a two-year community order and £120 victim surcharge, but ordered no compensation due to his lack of means.

A spokesman for BetFred said: "The security of our staff and customers is paramount. "Events like these are very unusual and we would like to thank the police for their co-operation." ... story.html

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