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Hammer time :?


Ladbrokes Armed Robber Threatens Bournemouth Betting Shop Worker With Hammer In Chilling Images

08 May 2014 | Updated 08 May 2014

Police have released chilling images of an armed robber threatening a betting shop employee with a hammer before fleeing with cash.

The man raided Ladbrokes in Boscombe in Bournemouth, Dorset, at 6.24pm yesterday.

He threatened a male member of staff with a hammer and demanded money, which was handed to him.

The man, who was wearing a white shirt, black pinstripe suit jacket and jeans and carrying a laptop bag, then left the betting shop.

Raid: The robber enters the Ladbrokes in Boscombe in Bournemouth yesterday

Detective Inspector Mark Samuel, of Dorset Police, said no one was injured during the incident.

"We were able to obtain very high quality CCTV images very quickly in relation to this incident," Mr Samuel

"I am hoping that somebody will be able to recognise the suspect from these photographs.

"I would ask anyone who recognises him to contact Dorset Police urgently.

High quality CCTV images captured the robber

"I am keen to speak with anyone who has any information about the incident or may have seen the man in the area of Christchurch Road."

The man is described as white, in his mid-thirties, about 5ft 9ins tall with short black hair.

No arrests have been made.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Dorset Police on 101.

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Teenagers jailed for robbery at Ladbrokes betting shop in Northants which left worker 'terrified'

Ladbrokes in Kettering

Two teenage robbers were locked up for six years each today/Tues for holding up betting shops were in Kettering and Kempston.

The victim of the robbery at Ladbrokes in Kettering thought she was going to die when she was confronted by a 6 foot 6 tall youth with a large knife, who told her repeatedly: "Give me the f...... money bitch."

Both youths, who are aged 17 and cannot be named for legal reasons, were in the dock at Luton crown court today/Tuesday as prosecutor Edward Renvoize said the robbery victim was still terrified by what happened.

Outlining a series of offences, Mr Renvoize said that the tall youth had first gone into the Premier Store in Irchester Road, Rushden at around 4pm on 26 September last year.

He was seen fiddling in his pocket, before grabbing the cashier by the right shoulder and threatening him with a large knife that had a pink handle. But he fled empty handed when the cashier fell to the floor.

Later that evening he went to the One Stop store on Wellingborough Road in Rushden and jumped over the counter. He was again armed with a large knife and repeatedly demanded the "f...... money." The panic alarm was activated and once more he left with nothing.

At ten to eight the next evening, he and the other youth went into Ladbrokes in Stamford Road, Kettering. Both sat down and were asked to remove their hoods by a member of staff. They left but returned shortly afterwards when the tall youth jumped over the counter and produced a kitchen knife. He repeatedly told the cashier: "Give me the f...... money bitch." The shorter youth stayed on the customer side of the shop and placed his hand on the arm of the other woman in the shop, telling her to look away.

The cashier was pushed into the safe room and the youth grabbed £6,500 in bundles of £500. They left and got into a car, driven by an accomplice, who has not been caught.

Mr Renvoize said both youths were identified from the CCTV and were arrested. They made no comment to police questions.

They were bailed and, at 9pm on 14 October, carried out a copy-cat robberyat Corals on Bedford Road, Kempston. The taller youth was armed with an imitation gun and the other held an 8 inch kitchen knife. The gun was put to the head of a cashier and he was forced to open the safe. £500 was taken.

The tall teenager, who comes from Bedford, pleaded guilty to two attempted robberies in Rushden. He admitted the Kettering robbery. He denied the Kempston robbery and having an imitation gun, but was convicted by the jury.

The other youth, also from Bedford, pleaded guilty to the Kettering robbery. He denied the Kempston robbery and having an offensive weapon, but was also convicted.

Paul Orton said the taller youth was aged only 16 at the time and was owing £3,000 in drug debts.

For the other youth, Derek Johashen said he played a lesser role. He said he possibly suffers from a mild from of Aspergers syndrome. He said he was supported in court by his family.

Judge David Farrell QC said the robberies involved the targeting of vulnerable shop workers. He said the Kempston robbery was aggravated because it was committed while they were on bail, were armed with an imitation gun and knife and were more heavily disguised than in the previous robbery.

Both youths were sentenced to six years' detention.

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Ladbrokes offers £10,000 for robbery information

Ladbrokes have said that some of its shops will now close early :geek: (left them heartbroken)

Betting shop chain Ladbrokes has offered a £10,000 reward to help catch those behind a spate of armed robberies in Londonderry.

Five outlets have been targeted in the city in the last two weeks.

A shop on the Lecky Road area of Derry was robbed at around 18:45 GMT on Saturday.

A masked man - armed with a hammer - entered the shop and stole an unknown amount of money. No-one was injured.

Ladbrokes have said that some of its shops will now close early.

"We are focussed on supporting our shop teams and working with the police on this unusual series of robberies," a Ladbrokes spokesperson said.

Sinn Féin MLA Maeve McLaughlin has called for extra police resources in Derry.

"These robberies need to be taken very seriously by the PSNI.

"The police should examine what kind of focus and resources they can put into place to make sure that the people who are carrying out these attacks on local shops and local people are brought to book.

"I am due to meet with the police on Monday."


Police have appealed for anyone who noticed anything suspicious in the Lecky Road and Deanery Street areas on Saturday night to contact them.

SDLP Foyle MLA, Mark H Durkan, said the chain of robberies was "hugely concerning".

"This brings the total count of bookmaker robberies in our city to five in the space of a fortnight.

"Those behind each of these incidents have absolutely no regard for the staff working hard to provide for their families over the Christmas period.

"While each incident is deplorable, the chain of robberies is hugely concerning. Not only will it have been traumatic for those directly involved, it also casts a cloud of fear over staff in all bookmakers across the city.

"I would appeal to those behind it to take a step back, realise the effect of what they're doing on ordinary people and stop immediately."

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South Shields gambling addict attacked Cowgate Ladbrokes with a hammer

A gambling addict with debts of £60,000 smashed up a bookies with a hammer as a “cry for help”, a court heard.

Jonathan Wright went into a Newcastle branch of Ladbrokes, demanded money then caused more than £4,000 of damage to gaming machines and a television.

But a court heard he was doing it with the deliberate intention of getting arrested so as to get help.

After carrying out the attack, he drove himself straight to the police station and told them what he had done.

Wright was originally charged with attempted robbery but prosecutors accepted his guilty pleas to affray and criminal damage.

Imposing a suspended prison sentence at Newcastle Crown Court, Recorder Simon Kealey told Wright: “The circumstances are bizarre and unusual.

“You decided to try to get yourself arrested as a cry for help, the reason being you were very heavily in debt to gambling.

“You were, I accept, never going to carry the robbery through but you armed yourself with a hammer and to the terrified employee it must have felt you intended to rob her.

“Ordinarily, arming yourself with a hammer and going to a public place where there are vulnerable individuals, would lead to an immediate custodial sentence but this is not an ordinary case.”

The judge said he was able to suspend the prison sentence because Wright had sought help and was remorseful.

Imposing a 12 month prison sentence, suspended for 18 months with supervision and 140 hours unpaid work, Recorder Kealey said: “You were in great mental torment during the latter part of last year but the situation now appears to be somewhat better.

“You have begun to turn your life around with some professional help and have got a job.

“It’s clear you are remorseful for your actions and you have expressed an apology to that poor lady.”

Wright, 26, of Firgrove, South Shields, initially went to a Ladbrokes in Gosforth with the hammer on December 5 last year.

However he changed his mind because there were customers there and instead went to the branch at Cowgate.

Vince Ward, prosecuting, said: “Before he produced the hammer he asked an employee for money.

“She said she didn’t have any and she became scared.

“The defendant produced a money bag and the employee pressed an emergency button.”

Wright then started attacking gaming machines he had been playing on previously and a television screen with the hammer.

Geoff Knowles, defending, said: “He had got himself in serious gambling debts of £60,000.

“It is referred to as a cry for help and he told the staff he wanted to be arrested and he needed help and wanted to be off the streets.

“He was a man on the edge from the insidious effects of gambling.

“He has not gambled since and is getting the help he needs.”

Mr Knowles, who said Wright had spent three months remanded in custody after the offences, added: “He would have been extremely upsetting for the lady concerned and through me he apologises for the upset he caused.

“He is genuinely sorry and is making progress.”

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Another lone female robbed :(

Heworth armed robber Martin Cavanagh gets six years for knifepoint bookies raid

Armed robber Martin Cavanagh has been jailed for six years after carrying out a terrifying knifepoint bookies raid.

Cavanagh went into his local branch of Ladbrokes armed with a knife, his face covered and wearing surgical gloves to try to avoid detection.

He left a middle-aged manageress in fear for her life by holding the blade near her throat as he demanded cash.

However his plot to get away with it failed when he left his Sports Direct swag bag at the scene, complete with his DNA on the handles.

Now Cavanagh, who was previously cleared of a notorious Gateshead murder, has been jailed for six years after he was convicted of robbery.

Sentencing him at Newcastle Crown Court, Judge Paul Sloan QC said: “You struck at 9pm when there was a lone female member of staff on duty, the manageress.

“When you entered the bookmakers your head and face were covered with a hood and snood, so only your eyes were visible and you were wearing blue surgical gloves and had a large kitchen knife and a bag.

“You walked directly to the counter and shouted at the manageress ‘open the ******* safe’.

“She speaks of her shock and horror as you jumped on to and over the counter and then moved towards her, knife in hand, demanding she open the safe.”

The court heard Cavanagh, high on cocaine and valium at the time, then entered the staff room, where the manageress had been trying to hide money as the robber emptied the till.

Judge Sloan said: “You held the tip of the knife six to seven inches from her chin and demanded the money.

“She was terrified and handed the money to you.”

The judge added: “I’ve read her victim impact statement and she speaks of feeling shocked, frightened and vulnerable as a result of what happened and of her having genuinely believed she was going to be hurt.

“Not a day goes by when she doesn’t recall the events of that particular evening and she speaks of her fear she was going to be stabbed and killed.

“She’s also distressed that she realised when she came to court that she knew you, you having been a customer at that bookmakers on previous occasions.

“Far from showing remorse, you were thoroughly devious and manipulative throughout the trial.”

Cavanagh struck at Ladbrokes, at Fewster Square, Gateshead, around 9pm on September 24 last year.

CCTV shows the robber go into the shop and push a chair up to the counter in order to climb over it.

He helped himself to cash from the till and ordered the woman to open the safe and threatened her with the knife. The woman handed Cavanagh a further £500 and he fled with an accomplice who was waiting outside.

When police went to his house an hour later he was hot and sweaty but denied carrying out the raid.

Cavanagh, 47, of Longhirst, Heworth, Gateshead, cleared of the murder of John Hall in Gateshead 15 years ago and who claimed he had been fitted up for the bookies raid, was found guilty of robbery and possessing a knife after a trial.

Cavanagh’s previous convictions include GBH with intent in 1985, robbery in 1992 and perverting the course of justice in 2007, when he tried to get a rape victim to drop her allegations against another man.

In April 2011, Cavanagh told the Chronicle his life was destroyed by allegations he murdered John Hall.

In 2000 he faced a jury charged with the murder, with the real killer Stephen Hardy as a key witness.

He was cleared when the judge ordered a not guilty verdict to be returned.

Christopher Knox, defending, said: “As a result of him being accused falsely, he was attacked a number of times

“The reality is, although there is a previous conviction for robbery, it was 23 years ago.

“He committed this offence after apparently retiring from serious crime.”

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Robber who 'terrorised' Mansfield businesses jailed

A man who robbed businesses in Mansfield in July of this year to pay off a drugs debt has been jailed for seventeen years.

Jamie Lakin, 39, of no fixed address, carried out robberies at businesses in the town between 8 July 2015 and 24 July 2015 to pay off a drugs debt.

On the first occasion, he walked into One Stop Shop on Birding Street armed with a kitchen knife and demanded that staff on the till put money into a bag. He left with £90 in cash.

He then targeted Sainsburys Local on Westfield Lane, demanding money whilst holding a red screwdriver and telling the member of staff: “I’m sorry. I don’t want to hurt you.” He grabbed some £20 notes from the till before walking out of the shop.

He went on to rob the Shell petrol station in Leeming Lane and Ladbrokes on Ladybrook Lane.

Whilst trying to rob Ladbrokes armed with a gun and a stick, Lakin was told there was no money in the tills. He then started to climb over the counter and attack the member of staff with a broom handle, striking so hard the stick broke.

He only fled when the member of staff made a grab for his mask, pulling it free. Lakin ran from the shop attempting to cover his face with his arm.

Lakin was arrested shortly afterwards and made admissions in his police interview, expressing remorse for his actions. He told detectives he had committed the robberies to pay off a £4,500 drugs debt.

In court, Lakin admitted three robberies and one attempted robbery. He also admitted possession of an imitation firearm. Six non-dwelling burglaries were also taken into consideration when sentencing.

“Lakin’s month-long crime spree caused great fear in the Mansfield community, not least among the town’s shopworkers.

“Lakin would typically enter a shop late at night looking to profit from scaring and intimidating staff, often women working alone, who showed remarkable composure and bravery when faced with a masked man with a weapon.

“We hope this strong sentence sends out a positive message that we will bring any such person who thinks they can use weapons to terrify people and steal cash that they will be caught and held accountable for their actions.”

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Armed robbery at Middlesbrough Ladbrokes

AN ARMED robber struck at a Teesside bookmakers before making off with cash.

The man entered Ladbrokes on Parliament Road, in Middlesbrough, and threatened two members of staff.

The incident comes after details of another robbery at a Teesside bookmakers emerged today.

During the most recent robbery, workers at Ladbrokes handed over an unknown amount of cash at around 9.45pm on Wednesday. No customers were inside the bookmakers at the time and no one was hurt.

A spokesman for Ladbrokes said: “We are working very closely with the police with regard to this incident. The safety of customers and staff is paramount but at this time we cannot comment further as the investigation is ongoing.”

Details today emerged of another robbery last week - at Coral, on Saltersgill Avenue, Saltersgill, Middlesbrough.

Police were called to reports of a man with a knife at the bookmakers at 10.10am on Monday September 19. Cleveland Police confirmed today that a man was later arrested and charged with robbery.

A spokesperson said he has since pleaded guilty to the offence and will soon appear at Teesside Crown Court for sentence.

The two recent incidents follow two other armed robberies the Gazette has reported on in the past month.

On Wednesday, August 31, a knife wielding robber struck at Coral bookmakers on Lanehouse Road, Thornaby.

However, he left empty-handed after staff at the bookies, next to the Mandale Park pub, refused to hand over cash.

On Saturday, September 3, a robber, also carrying a knife, entered the Rimswell Parade Post Office in Stockton and told staff to “get on the floor”, before making off with over £100.

Owner Pete Mackinnon, 35, described the robber as a “scumbag”.

Police today said there was nothing to link the incidents.

Anyone with any information on the Parliament Road incident is asked to contact DS Devine at Middlesbrough police office on 01642 303126 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

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Armed robber jumped over betting shop counter to grab cash

editorial image
An armed masked robber held up a village betting shop escaping with hundreds of pounds.

The crook, believed to have been carrying a firearm in a white carrier bag, jumped over the counter at Ladbrokes in Kings Langley to get to the money.

At the time of the raid carried out at around 8.15pm yesterday (Thursday) there was just one lone member of staff inside the Hempstead Road shop and no customers.

Det Inps Sam Khanna said: “I would like to highlight that this type of crime is rare within Kings Langley, and for people not to be alarmed.

“The incident is subject to a thorough investigation. I am appealing to anyone who saw the suspect leaving the shop, or anyone who may have information about this crime, to get in contact as soon as possible.”

The thief is believed to have made off in a silver car.

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Staff at Gateshead bookies threated with a meat cleaver during Saturday night robbery

Staff at a Gateshead town centre bookmakers were threatened with a meat cleaver during a robbery on Saturday night.

The shaken employees of Ladbrokes in Trinity Square were confronted by a grey-haired armed robber, dressed in black, at around 7pm.

The man threatened them with the meat cleaver and escaped with an undisclosed amount of money.

Extra police have now been drafted in to Trinty Square in their hunt for the robber and to reassure shoppers at the heart of Gateshead’s revamped town centre.

The suspect is described as white, around 40-years-old with white or light-grey ear-length hair.

He was wearing blue stonewash jeans, a black top, black shoes, black gloves and a black baseball cap with a yellow trim and white logo on the front.

Police are appealing for witnesses and a spokesman said: “A man threatened staff with a meat cleaver. He made off with a quantity of money.

“No-one was injured in the incident although staff were left shaken.

“Extra officers are in the area to carry out inquiries and trace the offender as well as offer reassurance to members of the public.”

Any witnesses are asked to contact Northumbria Police on 101 extension 69191 quoting reference 963 120915 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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Two in court after alleged axe robbery in Stockbridge Village

Two men appeared in court today over an alleged axe robbery at a Stockbridge Village bookies.

Philip Goldsmith, 35, and John Joseph Dawson, 29, are charged with robbery after £2,500 was stolen from a Ladbrokes shop in the Croft, Leachcroft, on October 17.

The men also face a robbery charge relating to a separate incident at TJ Newsagents in Muirhead Avenue, West Derby, on Saturday, November 14.

Goldsmith, of Serin Close, West Derby, is charged with possession of an axe in a public place, but Dawson, of Tollerton Road, West Derby, is not alleged to have been armed.

No-one was injured in the incidents.

Neither defendant entered a plea to the charges at Liverpool Magistrates’ Court. They were remanded in custody by the bench.

The case was passed to Liverpool Crown Court where Goldsmith and Dawson will appear for a plea hearing on December 15.

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