Tell us here about your experiences of people committing crime to fund gambling.
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I had to start the crime section with this infamous Ladbrokes case that changed staff security for the worse :cry: ... 00-3017145

Ladbrokes fights Walsgrave cashier's £9,000 armed robbery compensation claim

A BETTING shop chain is to fight a decision to award one of its cashiers £9,000 in compensation after a terrifying armed raid in Coventry.

Kerry Nicholls was working at Ladbrokes in Walsgrave Road, Coventry, in November 2007 when two masked men burst in armed with a gun.

One of the men pointed the gun at Ms Nicholls and forced her to hand over cash. They escaped with £3,000.

Ms Nicholls, who was forced to let the gunman go behind the counter and give him money from a safe, was left “hysterical” and “physically sick” by the incident.

She successfully sued her employers, Ladbrokes Betting and Gaming Ltd, claiming damages for psychological injury, on the basis that they had failed to provide a safe working environment for her.

Duncan Bagshaw, for Ms Nicholls, argued that Ladbrokes ought to have employed a magnetic lock system – controlled by staff – on the door of the shop after the hours of darkness, and that the failure to do so was a breach of their “common law duty of care” to her as an employee.

Judge Abbas Mithani QC, sitting in the Walsall County Court on May 16 this year, ruled that Ladbrokes had indeed breached their duty of care by not operating a “mag lock” system to protect their staff at night – awarding Ms Nicholls £9,000 in compensation. But yesterday Lord Justice James Munby, sitting at London’s Civil Appeal Court, granted Ladbrokes leave to appeal the decision after the betting chain giant claimed it had set a precedent which could cost the UK gambling industry millions of pounds.

Catherine Foster, for Ladbrokes, told the court that as well as the costs of any changes that might have to be made to betting shops, the judgement could encourage a flood of similar claims from present or past employees. “The fact is this type of judgment engages solicitors to be more creative and imaginative in bringing these sorts of claims, so this matter is of some importance,” she said.

She argued that Judge Mithani had come to the wrong decision in ruling against Ladbrokes, saying he had “swept aside” the expert evidence in the case and made a finding for which he had “no basis.”

Lord Justice Munby granted permission to appeal, saying: “A finding of breach of duty arising from a failure to have such a policy would affect not just this shop, but a large proportion of the shops operated by this defendant.”

The matter will now go forward for a full hearing before three judges in the Appeal Court at a later date, yet to be set.

So after getting £9,000 compensation this happened:

Coventry betting shop worker left traumatised by armed robbery ordered to repay £9,000 damages

A betting shop worker who won £9,000 in damages after being left traumatised by an armed robbery has been stripped of the payout.

Kerry Nicholls was just 18 when she was working at the Ladbrokes shop in Walsgrave Road, Coventry, and it was raided by two masked men armed with a handgun.

The petrified teenager had the weapon pointed at her on the evening of November 5 2007 and was forced to let the gunman behind the counter and give him money from a safe.

She was left “hysterical” and “physically sick” by the incident and sued Ladbrokes Betting and Gaming Ltd for her psychological injuries, and was awarded £9,000 by a judge at Walsall County Court in May last year.

But Ladbrokes appealed this award, and the Appeal Court has now ruled in their favour. A majority of two judges to one ruled that too high a standard of care had been placed on the bookies chain, clearing them of all liability.

The judgement means Miss Nicholls will be stripped of her damages. She was also ordered to pay the lion’s share of the substantial legal costs of the case.

Lord Justice Jackson was critical of Ladbrokes, saying he was “shocked” by the company’s suggestion prior to the case hitting court that the teenager had broken company policy in allowing the robber behind the counter. Noting that Ladbrokes advises its staff to “remain calm” and “co-operate” with robbers, he told the court: “A terrified young woman who is forced at gun point to let a robber into the counter area can hardly be criticised for breaching company policy.”

However, he was outvoted by Lords Justice Tomlinson and Floyd, who said Ladbrokes had done all it could reasonably have been expected to do in protecting employees at the store and could not be held responsible for Miss Nicholls’ trauma.

The judge who originally awarded the payout had said that Ladbrokes could easily have cut down the risk by telling staff to operate the magnetic lock on the front door during the evenings and providing adequate lighting so they could identify threatening individuals.

Howevers, Ladbrokes’ lawyers insisted that the store was in a “very nice area” of Coventry and was seen as posing a low risk.

Although there had been no previous robbery at the branch, it was nevertheless fitted with a whole battery of security devices in line with industry standards.

Allowing the company’s appeal, Lord Justice Tomlinson said Ladbrokes had “made it very clear that no criticism was made of Miss Nicholls’ conduct in the face of the armed and balaclava-helmeted robbers”.

The only moral of the story is not to let your daughters & female relatives ever work in a bookies. Life is too short to take the ever increasing risk of armed robbery, as I'll document in this section.

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That is a truly appalling way to treat your staff, shame on you Ladbrokes.

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Keeps the profits up at no costs doesn't it :roll:

I'm not putting these in date order at the moment, just painting a picture.


December 2014

Ladbrokes cashier robbed at gunpoint for £155

Pictured: Hooded gunman points weapon at Ladbrokes worker during armed robbery in Burnham-on-Crouch

The robber appears to point the gun directly at the Ladbrokes worker

Terrifying images of a gunman have been released by police hoping to track down an armed robber who left a female Ladbrokes worker "scarred for life."

The man walked into the store at around 8.25pm on Sunday (December 14) before threatening the staff member with what is believed to be a shotgun while demanding cash.

She then handed over £155 in cash from the from the till was given to the man and he then fled.

Police rushed to the scene and searched the area but no trace of the man was found.

The suspect is described as white, around 5ft 5in tall, of medium build and was wearing a green hooded top with a black scarf covering his face.

Detective Dan Smith said: "This was a traumatic experience for the member of staff; she could not have expected to have been faced by a masked man, pointing what appeared to be a shotgun directly at her demanding money.

"This violent incident has left the victim scared for her life and it will no doubt have a life-long effect on her, all for the sake of £155.

"There are people within the community who will know who committed this crime and we urge them to come forward and speak with us. While you cannot see the man’s face in these stills I suspect there are people who will still recognise him from his clothing.

Anyone with information should contact Chelmsford CID on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or they can contact the charity through its anonymous online form at www.

No personal details are taken, information cannot be traced or recorded and you will not have to go to court.

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Conman who fooled bookies into handing over £10,000 avoids jail

A quick-talking conman who fooled betting shop cashiers into handing over £10,000 has avoided jail.

John O’Connor, of St Mary’s Road, Ealing, pretended to staff he had won bets and stole money from 14 branches of Ladbrokes over a period of 18 months.

Snaresbrook Crown Court heard he used “slow count fraud” tactics to fool them into believing he won bets and in some cases he had not even paid his stake.

The 33-year-old would place a bet and distract the cashier by asking questions, becoming rowdy or places a series of small obscure bets giving him the time to see if his runner was likely to win.

Conman: John O’Connor, 33
O’Connor scammed bookies across London and other places in the UK but was reported to police in April 2013 when staff at the Oxford Street branch spotted his con act.

He was arrested in July 2014 following a CCTV appeal and admitted 15 counts of fraud in November.

While on bail he conned staff working at William Hill on Tyburn Road, Edington, Birmingham on 28 December 2014.

A judge sentenced him to 18 months in prison, suspended for two years and a four month alcohol treatment order.

He was also handed a supervision order during the sentencing which took place today.

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Murderer jailed for 26 years after bludgeoning betting shop owner to death.

A robber who murdered a betting shop manager by hitting him repeatedly with a claw hammer has been jailed for 26 years.

Shafique Ahmad Aarij, 21, hit 55-year-old father-of-two Andrew Iacovou nine times as he robbed the Morden branch of Ladbrokes in south London.

Aarij, a regular customer at the bookies, walked off with just £296.68 after bludgeoning Mr Iacovou to death in May last year.

About 90 minutes after the brutal attack, he wired £271 of his loot to Pakistan.

Police tracked him down five days later after watching CCTV footage of the attack and of blood-spattered Aarij leaving the shop.

They also recovered a knife from the scene which was covered in the killer's fingerprints.

He denied murder but during the trial admitted he had robbed the shop, hit Mr Iacovou and ran out when an alarm went off.

In a statement read to the court, Mr Iacovou's wife Anita described how "every aspect" of her life had been affected by her husband's death.

She said that Andrew, who had acted as her carer for a "crippling illness", was a "good man" who she planned to be with "forever".

She said: "I don't know if I've moved forward at all since Andrew went, it's as if I make a little progress one day and then the next I fall back again.

"Every step is so difficult and what happened to Andrew is never far from my thoughts.

"Every aspect of my life has been affected because everything I have and do is affected by the loss of Andrew.

"I worry about [Aarij] getting out and that he might find my family, I know it's irrational but I can't help it."

Detective Sergeant Eric Sword, who led the investigation, said: "This was an incredibly violent and unprovoked attack on a hard-working father-of-two - the level of violence was completely disproportionate to what the suspect sought to achieve which was robbing the shop.

"It is only right that Aarij will now serve many years behind bars."

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Armed robber had cardiac arrest

An armed robber suffered a cardiac arrest and died when he was confronted by a have-a-go hero during a bungled raid on a bookmakers, an inquest heard.
Career criminal Alan Levers, 50, was wearing a black gas mask and carrying an imitation handgun when he was wrestled to the ground by a brave punter.

The man, known only as Robert, told an inquest he leapt into action when Levers stormed into the Ladbrokes branch in Plymouth, Devon, shortly before 7pm on January 25 this year.

Robert grabbed the robber in an arm lock around his throat and wrestled him to the floor - just seconds after Levers pointed a fake 9mm pistol at the betting shop manager and demanded cash.

Two brothers, also in the shop on Crownhill Road, went to help and knocked the pistol out of the gunman's hand, before holding the father of three down until police arrived.

Police noticed that Levers, an alcoholic and former heroin addict, was not responding to their commands. They then removed his gas mask and found he was unconscious.

An inquest in Plymouth heard paramedics were unable to revive Levers and he was pronounced dead later that night.

Ian Arrow, coroner for Plymouth and South West Devon, recorded a narrative conclusion after hearing there was no evidence those restraining Levers committed any offence.

Robert, who asked not to give his full name publicly, told the hearing he was playing on a gaming machine near the counter of the bookies when Levers entered.

As the man approached the desk, Robert noticed a 9mm pistol in his right hand pocket and decided to act when the man pulled it out.

"At that point I decided on instinct, jumped on him from behind and wrestled him to the floor," Robert said. "I was frantically trying to get the gun out of his hand.

"The man was struggling quite considerably and I was scared to let him up because I was concerned he might have had potentially some unconventional weapon like a knife or a screwdriver that could do as much damage."

Robert said he and another man held the man down and noticed he had stopped struggling but "presumed he had accepted defeat".

"He was going to be apprehended by the police and he realised he was never going to win," he added.

CCTV footage of the incident, captured on two camera inside the bookies, was also played to the inquest.

John Doyle, who was in the branch with his brother Patrick when Levers walked in, witnessed Robert leap into action.

"I said to my brother Paddy 'Get out of the shop, he's got a gun'," he said in a written statement.

"Before I had reached the shop door, I saw the robber raise the gun from waist level to chest level and point it directly at the cashier.

"I knew straight away this was an armed robbery and I was in complete fear for mine and everyone else's safety inside the shop. I was totally fearful that I would get shot.

"I saw the man who had been using the gaming machine move very quickly across the shop floor and take the robber down to the ground.

"He did this using his right arm going across the man's neck. A lot of force was used to get the man to the ground.

"Seeing the robber still had the gun I ran back towards them and as I did I kicked the robber to the right side of his ribcage to try and get him to release the gun.

"He was struggling to get to his feet. I punched out at him several times at his hand to try and make him release the gun. He did not let go so I shouted over to my brother Paddy to help us get the gun off him and I said 'Stamp on his hand'.

"Paddy kicked the gun out of his right hand. The offender was struggling for a few minutes and then seemed to relax.

"There was no malice or going over the top from the man assisting me in detaining the male and he, the same as me, was trying to prevent any serious harm or loss of life coming to anyone in the shop or the surrounding area."

Ladbrokes worker Adam Davies described the incident: "He said 'I want the money now' or something similar - I wasn't really scared I was more startled."

Two uniformed police officers arrived at the scene and conducted CPR on Levers after discovering he was unconscious.

A post-mortem examination later found Levers had 289mg of alcohol in 100ml blood - meaning he was more than three and a half times the drink drive limit.

Pathologist Dr Russell Delaney said Levers had suffered a cardiac arrest after the gas mask had restricted his breathing.

"His chest has also been compressed during a period of restraint and the restriction of chest movements reduces the effectiveness of breathing," he added.

He gave the cause of death as a combination of chest compression, restricted breathing and alcohol intake.

After investigating the incident police fully exonerated those involved in restraining Levers.

Levers' partner Julie Lidstone provided a lengthy statement to the inquest, which detailed how he had been trying to overcome his alcohol addiction but was short of money because he had been unable to work as a roofer because of bad weather.

Speaking after the inquest, Ms Lidstone said: "I am sorry for what the witnesses were put through at Ladbrokes.

"What happened should never have happened in the first place and Alan paid the ultimate price."

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Last Thursday

A man reportedly wielding a firearm tried to rob a Newbury bookies last night (Thursday).

Thames Valley Police were called to the Ladbrokes shop in London Road and the junction of Faraday Road at 5pm.

The man walked into the shop and demanded money, threatening staff with what is reported to be a firearm.

Staff raised the alarm and the man fled empty handed.
No one was injured.

The would-be robber is described as white, 5ft 8ins tall and medium build.

He is aged in his thirties and has dark brown hair and was wearing a cap, a black scarf, black gloves, light blue jeans and a black thigh-length jacket.

Investigating officer Det Con Gareth Perry said: "I would ask that anyone who was in the area yesterday evening and saw anything suspicious to call TVP on 101.

"This was a frightening experience for staff and customers. If anyone has concerns please speak to your local Neighbourhood Policing Team."

Ladbrokes said in a statement: "We can confirm that an attempted robbery took place at approximately 5.20 pm on 28 January. We are assisting the police with their enquiries."

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Coral & Ladbrokes double gets bonus porridge.

JAILED: Armed robbers who raided two bookmakers handed prison sentences

ARMED robbers who raided two bookmakers in Colchester have been jailed.

A gang concocted a plan, in a YMCA bedroom, before holding up staff while armed with an imitation gun and a meat cleaver.. :geek: (a gang of 2?)

Jay Connelly, 20, of Magdalen Street, admitted conspiracy to commit robberies during his trial.

Sheldon Dodge, 25, of Stanfield Close, was convicted of the same offence by a jury following a second trial.

The first raid took place at the Coral bookmakers at the Willows shopping precinct in January, 2014.

Two men entered. One was carrying the cleaver, the other what appeared to be a gun wrapped in a cloth.

Both men had their faces covered with scarves with hoods up.

They stole £360.

Later that month a man entered Ladbrokes in Bourne Road and brandished a gun at the staff.

He fled with £550 stuffed into supermarket bags.

The imitation weapon, clothes used in the raids and a white cloth were discovered when police searched Connelly’s room.

Judge David Turner QC, sentenced Dodge to seven years in prison and Connelly to six years at a young offenders' institution at Chelmsford Crown Court today.

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This month

CCTV images released of suspected Hucknall armed robbers wanted by police


Police would like to identify the two men in these pictures in connection with a robbery in Hucknall.

The two men entered a Ladbrokes on Watnall Road at around 8.30pm on January 7 and threatened staff with a knife and demanded money.

A quantity of cash was handed over and the two men fled. No one was injured.

One of the men is believed to be in his early 20s, around 5ft 6ins - 5ft 8ins tall and of slim build.

The other is thought to be in his late 20s or early 30s, a similar height to the first offender, but of stocky build.

Anyone with information should contact police on 101, quoting incident number 736 of January 7.

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Southport Ladbrokes targeted in armed robbery

A bookmakers in Southport has been the target of an armed robbery.

Forensic officers are on the scene at Ladbrokes Bookmakers on Bedford Road, where an armed robbery took place this morning.

Raiders are believed to have made off with a significant quantity of cash.

A 6th form student at Christ The King, who wishes to remain nameless, said: "Me and three friends were in the shop collecting bets when a man stormed in with a gun and screamed at us all to get down.

"He looked about late 30s. He had a scruffy grey beard, black sunglasses and a black beanie hat on.

"We all dropped to the floor and he demanded money off the guy behind the counter. He kept asking for more and more money and kept shouting 'stay down, stay down' to us.

"He shouted 'don't follow me, count to a hundred' and then he ran out of the door and across Bedford Park.

"Thankfully, no one was hurt."

Police at Ladbrokes on Bedford Road
Christ The King School in Southport was locked down on police instruction.

Nobody was allowed to leave the building for over an hour, but staff were given the all-clear around 30 minutes ago.

Headteacher Mr J Lancaster said:"We acted on advice from the police and locked down the school until instructed otherwise.

"Police commented that they appreciated our cooperation with this."

Anyone with information about the incident should call 101, or alternatively contact Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111 , no personal details will be taken and you will not go to court.

Did you see the raid? Contact

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