Arrested by Golden dawn (!) - beaten up by police

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Arrested by Golden dawn (!) - beaten up by police

Post by cosmicway » Fri Apr 13, 2018 3:48 pm

An extraordinary thing happened to me yesterday.

First of all I have to sadly report to you that I 'm not well. The initial diagnosis is no good but we will know for sure next week.
Yesterday morning I was at home waiting for the hospital surgeon to call me.
Hr did so today and took me to hospital (the Hippokrateion hospital of Athens).

So yesterday at 11 o' clock in the morning the doorbell rings and I use the intercom to answer.
They say "we are the police, we must talk to you". I say to them "I 'm not well, please come upstairs", they don't want to come upstairs.
I insist and tell them let me phone the station or go there myself later, they say no, it's an affair that concerns you and the only way to know is to come downstairs for one minute.
In the end I gave in and went downstairs in my pyjamas. I said to myself they want to hand me some document -who knows what- so let's go.
When the two fuzz saw me downstairs they just grab my id card and say "now you must come with us to see the station master" !
I was very surprised but I said "ok, whatever you say, just let me go get dressed and we go".
One of them turns at me at that point and says "no you are fine in your pyjamas and sneakers, just come along !"
I make a move towards the lift button and says "come on, this will only take a minute" at which point the one grabs me hits me two or three times and drags me to the floor.
The man knew I was sick and all the neighbourhood was watching by now.
I pleaded with him "my good man you too come upstairs and just let me get dressed".
The answer was no !
I plead again saying "ok mate, just phone your station master so we see if he allows me to get dressed".
Again the answer was no !
In the end my sister heard the commotion and brought me some clothes and I got dressed in the corridor.

At the station now.
Nobody seemingly knew nothing, why I was brought in !
One and a half hour passes, the station master is a new one because the shifts changed.
They bring me a summons from somebody who is -or was- a member of the Golden Dawn nazi party !!
They say in it that I was libelling them as nazis and some such things.
This summons was considered enough for an immediate arrest and trial by the short-notice court !!!
They wanted to keep me in a prison cell all night and send me to that court in the morning - no time to look at the summons prepare an apology or anything !

My lawyer was already there and showed them the hospital papers which they accepted most reluctantly and arranged for a proper hearing at a later date.

What had happened ?
The OPAP organization hired as a speaker a known neo-nazi (or former such as he now describes himself).
I posted on the internet his old videos, calling for the setting up of "assault battalions" to attack blaks and immigrants.
I said to OPAP you cannot do such things. Horse racing is a sport and Europe has zero tolerence for racism.
But ...

The same thing happened five years ago.
The race course director of the time had dismissed the man (after bringing him in unknowingly ? or because he did not pay attention ?).
But a dismissal there was, after many angry phone calls to the race course.
But now they saw it differently - I don't know.

Anyway the man says "I 'm no longer related" and I had responded to this by saying "ok, if he says he is no longer related let us all accept it and the old story is the old unfortunate story".
I wrote to OPAP saying listen to erase all these things name a race prize as the "prize for the fight against racism in sport".
The reply was yesterday's events.

Meanwhile the secretary of the ministry of sports is aware of all these things.
He talked to me two years ago and he was very unhappy with the instances of golden dawn propaganda.
Today I was with the doctors since early in the morning and had no time to call him.
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Jimmy Justice
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Re: Arrested by Golden dawn (!) - beaten up by police

Post by Jimmy Justice » Sat Apr 14, 2018 1:17 pm

This all sounds awful.

I hope your health gets sorted out.


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Re: Arrested by Golden dawn (!) - beaten up by police

Post by cosmicway » Tue Nov 06, 2018 6:54 pm

Jimmy Justice wrote:
Sat Apr 14, 2018 1:17 pm
This all sounds awful.

I hope your health gets sorted out.

I 'm ok now but they are putting me under those hellish machines for observation from time to time.
The golden dawnies seem to have taken advantage of some hole in the law, enabling the police to arrest journalists / internet publishers on the spot. This kind of thing is under heavy criticism now, because other people too have had problems.
But the director of public prosecutions seems to have archived the rubbish accusations against me and it's going to be a ball in case there is a trial in the end. I willl invite John Cleese as an observer !

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