A sad Greek experience

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A sad Greek experience

Post by cosmicway » Wed Sep 13, 2017 4:24 pm

I talked about this here:

https://justiceforpunters.org/justicefo ... =17&t=3439

To make a long story short the law says that tax is applied when it is over 200 to 1, the company taxed 40 to 1.
I asked the company and they mailed me a garbled reply: It's a UK race and the units are different in Britain they said. But they did not follow the British units - basic unit was 50 cents as usual. Also in Britain the unit is 10 pence, almost equal to 10 cents of the euro, so if you actually do follow Britain (the Tote) you need 1000 to 1 to go into tax bracket, no 40 to 1. That's the Greek law and I did n't make it - it says the 100 euros per unit stake are taxed and the tax is applied in this way since the year 2010 when this law was enacted.

Exasperated I turned to the ministry of finance, in case they issued some new directives.
From the ministry they said "it's a big labyrinth here, how can we find the persons who know about betting tax ? make a report and submit it".
I did that, no answer yet (after three months).

But there is also the Greek gaming commission (EEEP). I did mail them and then made a phonecall.
Quite unpleasant at first they asked a lot of silly questions, such as if the bet was mine and how do I know all this is true !
I said ok, I 'm going to rewrite all this in detail and as to whether it's true or not, I have the company's email who say it is true.
I did that - no reply now !
I make a phonecall - again no reply !

I gave up but last week I got an email from them, the gaming commission.
I open the email, it says "in answer to your question, here is the law about the betting tax".
But it was the same law as I describe above. 100 euros per unit stake, so 200 to 1 if the unit is 50 cents.
So reluctantly I make a new phonecall and I say to them "ok I got your email but explain me your conclusion because in your reply you reach no conclusion".
There followed an almost comical conversation, with them pretending to understand nothing.
In the end they said "open the pdf of the race course company, they explain it".
I said "what ? they explain in small letters then but not in their website - good show !".
She goes on "the pdf is not small letters my dear sir, how dare you, my !".
I say "ok, just tell me now which pdf you want me to open".
The EEEP woman says "open the guide to horse race betting".
I do that. Read the pdf. Reach the section about tax. Nothing ! The known law was repeated in the pdf and nothing about extra tax.
I say that to her, she remains silent !
I decided to put an end to the inane conversation. I said "there is nothing new in the pdf, please look at the issue again and goodbye".
That was last week. Since then no further reply (and I don't expect there will be one).

Now I made all this known to some forums.
A clever guy comes forward and says "call the press".
I did that, called the press, three of the major dailys, one government, two opposition.
They would n't b----y care less !

So that's how it works then.
Are things better in the rest of Europe ?
In the UK ?

I also thought of the "European Ombudsman" at some stage, but this was not a valid approach.
It's not about a communal institution that allows the European Ombudsman to become involved.

But I 'm afraid we 're all about to be ripped dry, chiefs and Indians.
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Jimmy Justice
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Re: A sad Greek experience

Post by Jimmy Justice » Thu Sep 14, 2017 10:09 am

It does seem a really bad situation in Greece, even worse than the UK.

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Re: A sad Greek experience

Post by cosmicway » Fri Sep 15, 2017 3:26 pm

Jimmy Justice wrote:
Thu Sep 14, 2017 10:09 am
It does seem a really bad situation in Greece, even worse than the UK.
Definitely worse.
Also in Bulgaria - Finland - Ukraine.
But in the UK also from what I read and what about America ? They have the Goodlatte law there (bible belt law).

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Re: A sad Greek experience

Post by cosmicway » Wed Oct 25, 2017 4:36 pm

I want to the ministry of economics.
My original report was addressed to the ministry of ecoomics and to the so called gaming commission EEEP.

The ministry were not making a reply even though some months had passed so I decided to pay a visit.
First I asked "is ii allowed to enquire about the status of my complaint ?".
After a mini conference at the reception desk they found it was with the legal advisers of the minister (mr. Tsakalotos) so they said go to their office.
I went upstairs, waited for a while and the legal adviser came and said "we studied it, there is nothing we can comment upon". He added that the EEEP and only the EEEP are responsible for handling the issue. There were various ministry employees around and rather off the record they said "it does n't look straight - that was a keen observation from you" !
I left, but that was a strong indication that I 'm in the right and it is an illegal tax.
I wrote to EEEP that so and so.
I doubt however they are going to ever make a reply or take notice.

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