Collective action

This is the forum where you can discuss ideas for future punter campaigns. Don't just outline an idea, please do discuss how to complete it and encourage others to submit thoughts on how they can improve anything and/or what they could contribute to any campaign.
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Collective action

Post by mick » Wed Aug 28, 2019 10:02 am

The forum stats show 430 Reg members and i suspect plenty of guests. When one of us has a legitimate beef with a Bookmaker and sends them or anyone else an e mail this will make no difference , but if hundreds of us did so simultaneously it just might. ?

One of our biggest apprehensions remains account closure via punitive stake restriction, once you have experienced this it makes you apprehensive about winning and imo sends a clear message to all of the Bookmakers customers including those who are not currently affected.

What would be the outcome if several hundred of us who use the same on line bookmaker all sent an e mail saying we where withdrawing our deposits because a friend or acquaintance has just been prevented from continuing to bet with you, or if we did similar to the relevant MP or the RP.

Perhaps this would still prove a waste of time but until we at least try how will we know.?

Jimmy Justice
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Re: Collective action

Post by Jimmy Justice » Thu Aug 29, 2019 9:26 am

Thank you Mick for suggesting this.

Like I've stated before if somebody wants to take this task on we willl support them through all our channels, which amount to approximately 5000 people. Personally, I just don't have the time to do it due to all the dispute cases I'm dealing with.

It's important that everybody is aware of what has happened recently in Spain. The following are in Spanish: ... rface=true ... rface=true

Our Spanish contact along with myself have tried to summarise the judgements in English.

Basically two Spanish regional higher courts have ruled what J4P tried with the CMA & the GC, i.e. that gambling company contracts are illegal because they allow for unfair ultimate power to make decisions that discriminate without the provision of evidence.

This is a very clever move by the Spanish legal teams, because they did not concentrate on the 'right to bet'. They have proven, as J4P has been saying, but the CMA and GC refuse to do anything about it in the UK that gambling company contracts, not just Bet365's, are illegal in Spanish law. We are hoping to find a British lawyer who will look at the cases and see if a similar decision would be made in the English, Scottish and Irish courts. We will need funding for this.

The possible outcomes in Spain (in the UK & Ireland if proven) may be:

Withdrawal from the Spanish market by Bet365 and others, a minimum bet (liability) law on all sports, a contract that clearly states customers aren't allowed to win using skill & +EV methods or the Spanish version of the GC finds a way with the Spanish government to ensure unfair consumer practices can continue. My Spanish contact thinks their GC might already be investigating the possibility.

Anyway there we are and an insight into what collective action can achieve. But people need to remember that this process took over three years and it's possibly not finished yet. Government and regulators like the tax income from gambling, so it is not just about fighting the companies to obtain fairness. The Spanish group in the Valencia court managed to obtain low cost, virtually free legal support without this it will need a large group of people or a wealthy benefactor.


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