In a nutshell

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In a nutshell

Post by cosmicway » Sat Jun 17, 2017 2:04 pm

I mean to make a short list of the problems the punters are facing and why concerted action is needed to tackle them.
It’s not true that we are anti-industry and at any rate we should n’t be.

But there are some make or break situations.
Ultimately it is the betting companies themselves that will suffer and the sports also – but unhappily they are trying to make a fast buck and they create those problems.

We realize –or should realize- that some of our money becomes profit of the companies and is not paid back. Also there are taxes and listing rights.
For example horse racing depends on those “listing rights” otherwise how is horse racing to raise any revenue ?
Horse racing is not like football, earning revenue from the fans.
I remember somebody in the fifties who said about a local derby match “if we had the Maracana stadium there would be 200,000 spectators today and 200,000 more locked outside”. But with horses not so, so there are those dues.

All this is understood unless one is unreasonable.
What we are asking therefore is logic to prevail, not 100% return of money.
And logic is not prevailing.

Various state and company supremos often refer to the punters as “scum”, “sick parasites to be milked dry”, “idiots who won’t know anything if we rob them” and they also talk of … treasures we are hiding under mattresses and they are there for the take.
Enough is enough.

There are four areas of concern:

1) Company excesses. The betting companies, bookmakers and tote companies alike, have cut dividends to the bare minimum. That’s bad for them too in the long run, but they insist. A law is needed (like Harold Wilson’s law of 1964 !).

2) Taxes. This is done by governments of the left mostly, but also by conservatives.
As if we are not already heaviy taxed as explained previously.
Cross border betting is a partial cure but those people who believe in national control should not think I am their enemy. Can they nationalize betting ? Fine, excellent – as long as taxes are logical and not daylight robbery.
But unhappily they want to stop cross-border betting to be able to increase taxes and take off percentages even more. They state so !

3) Sports integrity. There are many fixed events and very little done about it.
Re. fixed events there are three types if you look carefully:

a) Criminal syndicates who want to steal money from the companies.
b) Event fixing by the companies (some companies) to maximize profits.
c) Not betting related (relegation-championship issues).

Re. (c) do you know that one of the biggest ever scandals in Europe was the champions cup final of 1961 between Benfica and Barcelona ? That was staged in Geneva, Benfica won 3-2 and there was no betting of any kind in those years.
In Spain they said it was sold and all hell broke loose. I don’t know if it was really sold and was n’t just sour grapes by the Barcelonistas against their own team but all hell broke loose and it’s a fact.

We don’t want any of (a), (b) and (c).
A partial cure might be to prohibit to persons under orders to bet or become members of betting sites.

4) Service quality. We want secure transactions and data displays from the race courses – for without data displays we cannot do our work !

I see a lot of talk in these boards about the closure of accounts.
This is diabolical !
I have n’t witnessed it yet but I hear a lot of it from you.
Frankly I was for many years aghast by the unwillingess of betting companies to cooperate with police investigations after various racing scandals.
They were doing the opposite of what they are doing now !
Again what we want is logic to prevail. Punish gross illegality but don’t close accounts just because you don’t like somebody !
For such things IBAS should be responsible (or the equivalent authority in one’s jurisdiction), not the company middle managers ! Indeed !

Can I express the hope we are going to have a European charter for the punters ?
(and the same charter under a different name in the UK, so the word Europe is not mentioned !).

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Re: In a nutshell

Post by Jimmy Justice » Sun Jun 18, 2017 2:04 pm

Nice detailed posting. Any views anyone?

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