Competition & Marketing Authority investigation

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Competition & Marketing Authority investigation

Post by Jimmy Justice » Sun Nov 20, 2016 10:13 am

Competition & Markets Authority investigation: Online gambling companies

We are delighted to launch our free leaflet that will help customers complain to the Competition & Markets Authority investigation into unfair terms and conditions used by online gambling companies.

The full free leaflet can be downloaded from: ... companies/


Jimmy Justice
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Re: Competition & Marketing Authority investigation

Post by Jimmy Justice » Wed Dec 07, 2016 10:06 am

Some of you on the forum will have got this yesterday and 100s of others did. Some of you won't as you've never registered by direct email as a member and we manage our contact lists ethically and don't automatically merge the lists. If you haven't received an email, but would like to be added to our free membership list please to receive them in the future do send an email to: and put in the subject line: Free membership request.

Dear Members and Friends

As you are aware we do not bombard people with emails, so when we do send one to everyone who has contacted us you can be sure it is important.

Attached (not attached for forum; file is to large - go to: ... mplain.pdf) is our new leaflet that contains advice on how to complain to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) investigation about unfair terms and conditions. Please do read it carefully. For 'J4P' unfair terms and conditions, and missing terms and conditions are the basis of all the injustices we are dealing with.

If you don't have time to read the full leaflet the following summarizes the most important sections and provides a 3-point action plan for you to complain to the CMA.

1. What personal experience (injustice) regarding unfair or missing terms and conditions do you want to complain about?

2. Which of the three areas of the CMA investigation does your complaint come under?
• Being locked into complex and strict requirements linked to gaming promotions that are difficult to understand and may be unachievable.
• Companies having a wide discretion to cancel bets or alter odds after bets have been accepted, because they made a mistake when the odds were first set.
• Terms restricting players’ ability to challenge a company’s decision.

3. Send your complaint in a clear and constructive way to:

One or more of the bullet points are of interest to all of you and we have produced example emails in the leaflet to address most things. Please do adapt the example emails and use your own words.

Many people will want to complain about being refused bets through stake factoring and having accounts closed. It may not be clear how to do this? The bookmakers have already foreseen this and have stated online that the CMA investigation is a focused one concentrating on specific issues, but 'J4P' does think the third bullet point offers a chance for creative thinking on stake reduction and account closure, e.g.



Subject (you must state one of the three bullet points): Terms restricting players’ ability to challenge a company’s decision.

I opened an account with Bookmaker A and it was not clear in their T&Cs that I would not be able to challenge a decision they made about my account without recourse.

After only a few sports bets I was unable to place a bet without the stake being massively reduced by bookmaker A, e.g. A request for a £20.00 bet was always reduced to under £5.00. When I challenged this I was told that bookmaker A could do what they wished and that it was not worth appealing as the decision was final.

I accept totally that bookmaker A cannot let professional gamblers win tens of thousands of pounds off them forever, but I do think it is vital that new customers during the registration process are told concisely and clearly in a prominent T&Cs box, which HAS to be accepted and ticked, that they will not be allowed to win, however small their stakes, if they adopt any sort of logical approach to their betting.

What I'm outlining is an unfair practice; as gambling, by definition, is about winning and losing. This unfair practice is presently achieved through omission, i.e. terms and conditions that are crucial to the contract between the service provider and the customer are missing.

I would request that the CMA review this use of T&Cs are part of your investigation.


A Bettor

We do hope this helps? DO NOT FORGET TO COMPLAIN!!


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