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This is the forum where you can discuss ideas for future punter campaigns. Don't just outline an idea, please do discuss how to complete it and encourage others to submit thoughts on how they can improve anything and/or what they could contribute to any campaign.
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Re: Tell us what you want to campaign about

Post by Jimmy Justice » Thu May 04, 2017 12:49 pm

Always worth a try, but Oddschecker is owned by SkyBet one of the worst offenders, so I doubt we will get any sense out of them. However, I know the Gam Comm is concerned about affiliates of which Oddschecker, I think, is the biggest, so may I suggest bombarding: instead.

You may not get a reply or you may get a reply that says nothing. Unless I'm mistaken, you won't get a reply saying we are actively looking at this unregulated market, but believe me, they are and will be encouraged to get on with it when they meet again with us in June.

You could complain about a number of issues, but these are obvious ones:

1. What do Oddschecker do with your data (personal and e-device data) when you open account through their affiliate click through, i.e. tell the GC you are concerned about this as it is not clear, because in theory SkyBet could see all your data when betting with another company (naughty, naughty).
2. That the offers and odds advertised are not available to you, so it is false advertising, because they do not warn that this will happen.

Just two for starters.

Every complaint helps us in the meetings. No complaints, means we are shafted.


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Re: Tell us what you want to campaign about

Post by mick » Thu May 04, 2017 1:49 pm

Cheers jim,your point 1. is a good one and not one i had considered.Anyway will do.

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