Pro Punters and winning punters Revenge

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Pro Punters and winning punters Revenge

Post by bluelionman » Fri Feb 14, 2020 3:30 am

I am sick how unfair the industry is as I was a mug punter for many years lost thousands chasing doubling up stakes each loss or being inticed into the casino arm (Roulette and Black Jack) and worse slots all without so much as a question of am I okay or can I afford these stakes / losses.

Roll on several years later where I've learned the hard way. Started to use comparison sites like Odds Checker - quit casino and slots games for the most part. Read and follow 2 select tipping pages and bet for value. Avail myself of promotions and strategically place free bets earned on the same long term market I have started to do well, show signs of winning or being on the right track. But wammy - I'm not even allowed to win back my losses. Since becoming a smarter punter I've been restricted, limited, banned or had my accounts closed at Coral, Bet Victor, Betway, 888Sport and now Sky Bet. I'm not allowed to win not even at the accounts like BV where I'm 7K+ down over lifetime of the account!

So I see YouTube videos of pro punters and read many a post on J4P of sucesfull horse traders being shut down after just a few bets or hit with punitive taxes.

I can only imagine you would love to get back at these firms and people like me who've lost loads and are prevented from the chance to win it back would love to bash the bookies. Is there not a way those kicked off or banned can help those still on said sites to bet better and bash the bookies before they two are gubbed.

I know Cheltenham is just around the corner and I don't know the GG's but enjoy betting on races so just follow Andy Holding on Odds Checker and Get Your Tips Out as the two places I use to help me pick horses. Alas all see them and industry does to cutting odds on what they put up. So if anyone who is a profitable bettor wants to get back at some bookies and help me have fun betting on Chels please do. Some of the above forms I can still bet with just had BOG removed etc. But others not listed above I'm still fine with - just not sure for how long. Probably as overall I'm still down about 1K at Betfair. Would love to get back to even. Some accounts I'm zeroed out at as lost my total balance like Marathon Bet. Others like Boyle I'm down to like £50 or below but over lifetime of accounts deposited £600 odd (never withdrawn). It suck Betway, Bet Victor and Coral I can't do nothing at as either they closed my account or restricted me to zero on Sports. So Alas will never get chance win my losses back.

So anyone wanna help me bash the bookies this festival that knows how to bet the GG's. Help me get back to black or even up on these bookies sites before they gub me - even sweeter for you if ya able to help someone (me) bash a bookie that booted you in the past.
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