Thank You JFP

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Thank You JFP

Post by mick » Fri Dec 29, 2017 7:23 am

As we approach the end of another year,i would like to thank JFP for the good efforts made on our behalf.Special mention to Jim who is quick to respond and acknowledge posts on this forum.Your work is much appreciated guys and some progress is being made.While i realize there are several injustices you are working on,my main beef remains the right to bet and i suspect this will be so for the majority of members and thanks to your tenacity in this area at last there is some real hope that eventually this will be rectified.

Jimmy Justice
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Re: Thank You JFP

Post by Jimmy Justice » Fri Dec 29, 2017 10:03 am

Hi Mick

Thank you.

There is no question progress is being made and we hope this will become much greater when the CMA produces it's final report in 2018. Hopefully, they will force bookmakers to trade fairly using legislation with power to fine on every injustice that presently occurs. What they will do with T&Cs that are not explicit about customers not being allowed to win, we don't know. Present UKGC regulation has clearly failed on these issues as it allows companies to make business decisions about everything, even including, whether to return money lost by self-excluded gamblers. Of course, the companies have taken advantage of this laissez-faire regulation at every juncture.

We're hoping that the last two years will have proven to government and all the regulators that the gambling industry can't be trusted to implement anything, however sensible, without taking commercial advantage of it, e.g. ID processes.

We'll see, but it's an uphill struggle when the industry has massive budgets that enable them to lobby government and regulators daily.

All the best.


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Re: Thank You JFP

Post by Del » Sat Dec 30, 2017 2:00 am

I absolutely second that Mick.

Whilst I feel the industry still has it all wrong with the supposed regulator GC lacking some of the powers it says it needs to tackle the operators, there is now a feeling that eventually the slippery operators will be forced to fall into line somewhat.

I for one am very grateful to the JFP for the ongoing time and advice they have given. In a few weeks I will be facing a major operator in court who refuses to honour a self exclusion agreement they inherited when they acquired a huge rival. As far as they are concerned they had no responsibility whatsoever to all existing self excluded Betfair customers, just the ones going forward. And the GC have let them make that rule up as they go.

But whilst the GC took that stance they also have much of the information on my accounts as they are supposedly investigating as to how PPBF failed to raise any red flags over the huge turnover on my account in just 3 weeks (think 6 figures), I raised a SAR to get further info and it's clear PPBF had conflicting flags on my account both suggesting I was a moderate staking punting and a huge staking punter during that period. Utter incompetence given that they also had my file for huge losses on Betfair previously from which I was self excluded (several times). The GC will be receiving this further info once PPBF respond to my formal request to fully complete the SAR info that was missing. But in the meantime I will be defending a claim by the operator to set aside the default CC judgement I had been given in my favour.

So in respect of my own circumstances, the JFP team have proved very instrumental in supporting my on going fight. And as I understand it they have proved very effective in spurring on and helping many others do the same and gain some hard fought justice.

Let's hope they continue to be even more successful this year.

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