Talk to us here if you have had accounts closed or had unfair restrictions placed upon your account.
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Post by Jimmy Justice » Tue Feb 23, 2016 3:20 am

Like BetBright, RaceBets are one of the newer entrants to the market. They do appear on Oddschecker, giving them some sort of credence, but we do need to keep in mind a statement from one of our group (swear words deleted): "To the right of Hills on Oddschecker, all a waste of space."

Well this is an interesting one that is backed up by traffic on a bookmaker review site: http://www.top100bookmakers.com/comments/racebets.php. Six out of the seven comments say it all. It may take you longer to register, be accepted and deposit money than your account lasts unrestricted?

The screen grab was interspersed by two emails. The customer concerned did not place a bet for two days after depositing money and received an email asking if everything was OK and to not forget RaceBets were there. The three bets were placed on the same day and after 100 minutes the second email arrived restricting the account to SP only. Is this all 'fair and open': Of course not. Now before you all shout 'arber' (which is not illegal by the way) we know this not to be the case. Basically, as backed up by the postings on the other site, this company appears to restrict accounts very quickly if you attempt to take, what they perceive, as a good price, i.e. nobody with any gambling sense welcome here. Come on guys, it's nearly impossible to pick regular winners, without having to back them at a poor price as well. There has to be some hope of winning when gambling or there is no point in playing in the first place. Surely, a business plan, where history suggests 96-98% of your customers will lose is fairly sound. Wanting it to be 100% is just being greedy.
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