Account closures - the only remedy

Talk to us here if you have had accounts closed or had unfair restrictions placed upon your account.
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Account closures - the only remedy

Post by cosmicway » Tue Nov 06, 2018 6:36 pm

It's been going on for some years.
I used to read about such issues in footie forums, back in 2002-3. Don't know how many of the complaints were valid but there were hundrerds of such.

The view of the adjudication authorities is that they can do nothing about it.
IBAS for example say so in their "help" page.

The bookies limit accounts or close them for the silliest of reasons.
You don't have to be someone who was fixing matches and was caught by the interpol !
They can limit your account just because they like to do that - it's a fact now.

The truth however is that this is a kind of "service denial" for which we can do nothing about.
My analogy is this:
Imagine yourself in a billiards hall. The local champion approaches you and says to you "let's play a frame, for the sandwiches".
Are you entitled to refuse or not ?
I think you are, because he is a higher class animal and you will have to pay for his sandwich.

But here is the only way to kill this phenomenon:

- Betting should take a public character, like the stock exchange for example.
- The percentage payouts should be strict and adhered to.

Then no bookie will have any reason to chase you anymore.
We should make them go after those folks who are truly guilty, but they won't have any reason to spy on us any longer.

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