Betfair account closed

Talk to us here if you have had accounts closed or had unfair restrictions placed upon your account.
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Betfair account closed

Post by idamm » Fri Nov 24, 2017 6:58 pm

Hello everyone!

I am another affected of the closing of accounts. Everything was fine when I lost money but everything changed 1 month ago or so when I started a very good winning streak, I must say that I bet on exchange bets, I did not bet on the betfair sportbook. On November 6 they blocked me the option to withdraw money, they asked me to verify my account with an invoice. I sent them a water bill and on November 7th I had the account verified again and ready to continue betting. At night I made 2 withdrawals of a lot of money for skrill, on November 8 Betfair closed my account and canceled my withdrawals, it was 07:22 and an employee of the security department closed my account. I was not given any reason for the closure but I called betfair and they told me there was a problem with my account, the owner of my betfair account (me) did not match the owner of the skrill account I used to deposit and withdraw money (my partner) ), I have to say that until that had not had any problem in depositing and withdrawing, also say that I had lost a lot of money in those months that my betfair account had.
They asked me for a photo of my partner's ID and an authorization from my partner authorizing the previous and subsequent operations that he carried out with his skrill. They sent everything but they did not reopen the account so I went back to ask for the chat and they told me that they needed to call me to ask me some questions. They called me and everything went well, the boy told me that everything was correct and that before the weekend (about 3 or 4 days) they would reopen my account. The days and the weekend passed, I arrived on Tuesday and asked again for the chat that because the security department did not answer my emails and when they were going to reopen the account, they told that my account was closed permanently and with no possibility of opening and that my money would be retained in betfair. I did not believe what they were saying, the security department did not tell me anything and I found out from the betfair chat that my account is permanently closed. The days have passed and little by little I have learned the reasons for closing the account, having to send mail to the ceo of betfair because the security department did not answer my emails. At this time the security department relates my account to others, which is not true. I only have 1 account and my partner has 1 account and for months, maybe almost 1 year that he does not use it, besides being an account where he has only played poker freerolls and very small bets.

I want to thank justice for punters and specifically Jimmy for his disinterested help, for responding to every message I sent him.
Right now, betfair only gives me the option of putting a complaint in the MGA and that I have done, in addition to the MGA I have made complaints to other authorities. Betfair has shown me that when you lose money no matter what you do, whether it is right or wrong, betfair is only interested when you withdraw money, it puts all kinds of problems to the point of closing the account and retain your money.

I will keep you informed, thank you very much for reading and very grateful to J4P and Jimmy in particular.


Jimmy Justice
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Re: Betfair account closed

Post by Jimmy Justice » Sat Nov 25, 2017 7:30 am

Thanks for the thanks. Long way to go, but fingers-crossed.


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Re: Betfair account closed

Post by Del » Sat Nov 25, 2017 11:33 am

idamm - That is a disgraceful state of affairs and Betfair are almost certainly breaking consumer laws. There really needs to be a proper regulator of gambling, online in particular, but as it stands they are just making things up as they go along and worst of all they are being allowed to by so called existing regulators. Thank Christ for J4P.

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