Account closures and restrictions

Talk to us here if you have had accounts closed or had unfair restrictions placed upon your account.
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Re: Account closures and restrictions

Post by Jimmy Justice » Thu Sep 01, 2016 8:31 am

We are helping people do this every week. Your mate is lucky to get away with being paid without having to resort to the small claims court. It's simple, if they don't pay the higher odds in this situation it's illegal, so keep going. Sadly, it is no longer sensible to believe what customer service staff claim. Not their fault, as they probably haven't been told that the terms and conditions they are told to use are probably illegal as well.

I agree, always fight and change will happen. A great example today is the new Victorian minmum bet rules. See: ... -announced

This has been hard fought for by Aussie punters. It's ethical, so nothing to be ashamed about. We are working on it behind the scenes every week, but we need more people to shout about it; online, in papers, anywhere you can.

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