Betfair exchange

Talk to us here if you have had accounts closed or had unfair restrictions placed upon your account.
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Betfair exchange

Post by charstan56 » Tue Sep 25, 2018 1:01 pm

a few years ago . out if the blue I got an email from Betfair saying they had closed my account and apart from the 18k I had in there I now owed them another 24k for avoidance of premium charge !
they linked my account to another person who I admitted to knowing as we used to bet in the same trading room .
I employed a barrister to draught a letter which pointed out discrepancies in there t and c s etc they basically came back and said take us to court then !
I then took my case to the Gibraltar gambling commission stating my innocence and asking for any evidence Betfair had so I could defend it .they would not produce any saying it would be a breach of their security .gib gambling commission. then offered me the right to appeal but it would have to be done with legal representation and could take a long time !!!
as I was in spain a few weeks later I visited them with all my documentation bank statements etc .they refused to talk to me .I also visited the Betfair office there with the same result .
Betfair then sent me an e- mail requesting payment of the outstanding fees I told them if they wanted it take me to court I have heard nothing since then.

I have exhausted every possible avenue since .the gib office of fair trading wanted to take the case until it got to uper level then said they had no jurisdiction over gambling companies .the British office of fair trading on abuse of market dominance . the British gambling commission who were very keen to take it up but couldn't as at the time Betfair were under gib gc .
anyone out there suffered the same ?
Andy elliott

Jimmy Justice
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Re: Betfair exchange

Post by Jimmy Justice » Wed Sep 26, 2018 8:08 am

Hi Andy

Thank you for your post.

Sadly, it would appear that Gibraltan authorities recognise that gambling is the lifeblood of their economy, so many injustices seem to go unsolved there. The only route open to people in your situation is the courts, which as you know are expensive and risky.

If you want to get greater circulation for your post I can put it on our Twitter account if you wish and if you provide permission. There are a number of people who follow the account who complain about Betfair and their premium charge. We have over 2.6K genuine followers, i.e. not bought.

It would facilitate replies if you opened your own Twitter account where people could Tweet you and/or 'Direct Message' you in private.


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